Singer Prince dies


Prince performing at Coachella 2008 Micahmedia at en.wikipedia

Jim Hobbs… Shit, I can’t keep up with all these heroes dying!

Neil Cartwright… Yet another? It gets tempting to believe that there’s some cosmic force at work here.

Alan Esdaile… Shocking news, very talented performer and many great tracks. R.I.P. Prince.

Peter Fairless… Raspberry Beret, great track.

Alan Esdaile… Good track but my favourite is When Doves Cry.

Peter Fairless… So many to choose from, Alan.

Andy Qunta… Too many good artists!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… We have said goodbye to many great people this year, so sad

Patricia Landamore… Really sad , such a different age between, makes you think, just do it eh

Virginia Davis… I know I’m getting older but there appears to be so many already this year.

Caz Simpson… He evidently played Heroes as a tribute to Bowie. I can’t find it ‘all content removed’. Loved Prince.. RIP

Rolling Stone Magazine says… No offense to Petty, Lynne and Winwood, but the first few minutes of this performance feel like a slightly stale retread of the star-studded version at 2002’s Concert for George. Then Prince steps in with a soaring solo and changes everything. He shreds so hard that he nearly falls off the stage — and he still looks cool. Where was he for the Hendrix tribute back in ’92?!

Kevin Sherwood… Brilliant.

Paul Dove… LEGEND. R I P . Prince

Paul Bridgett… The talent of the man..ENJOY YOU WILL.

Phil Thornton… yup.

Dennis Wootton… Can never tire watching, in awe.

Jon McCallion… A great track.

Alan Pepper… Such a big loss – some artists seem destined to pass early in life so as to be remembered forever young and what a fantastic artist he was ! I remember Eric Clapton when asked how did it feel being the best guitarist in the world ? He said I don’t know you’d better ask Prince ! Respect . My favorite has to be Purple Rain . Hendrix + Little Richard + James Brown = PRINCE ?!?