Big Beat Reunion 22nd Oct 1988 – Hastings Pier with Screaming Lord Sutch

all photos © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland. Poster supplied by Pete Millington.

Screaming Lord Sutch with Cliff Bennett, Tommy Bruce, Cynthia Payne and others.

Matt Thomas… I spot Nan & Jenny

Lloyd Johnson… On the right of the photo…Nan & Jenny with the glasses….

Jim Breeds… So, did Sutch have a place in Hastings, or did he stay with others when he was in town. I need evidence though, so don’t say yes because you once read it on Facebook. I want to hear from you if you know for a fact and where

Kev Towner… Jim, I was always under the impression that he stayed with Lord Tivers when he visited Hastings

Judy Atkinson… I think I was there that night – certainly saw him on the pier, just can’t remember when

Colin Tapp… Great photo. Nan


The Temperance Seven – Bathing Pool St Leonards-on-Sea 1961

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Claire Lonsdale… thanks for that Alan , my friend John, is the guy on the right , playing the banjo.

Gerry Fortsch… If I bought a speaking picture of you, I really rated that rock anthem in the day, well they were different anyway.