Little 1:12 scale Grand Piano

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Nastassja Kaschevsky… This is work in progress of a little 1:12 scale Grand Piano I have been making, which is nearly finished.

Alan Esdaile… Wow! Brilliant.

Colin Bell… Thats amazing

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… It’s really beautiful…. you must have lots of patience.

Tony Qunta… Amazing! well done

John Wilde… That’s fantastic , well done

Chris Meachen… Incredible, fantastic work!

Dennis Torrance… Impressed greatly

Andy Qunta… Wow! Fabulous!

Kev Towner… Oh wow – I want one.



The Dekorators – around 1982


supplied by Nastassja Kaschevsky

Chris Kimber, Nastassja Kaschevsky, Jeanette Saxby, Doug DuggyFresh Smith, Geoff Saxby.

Tony Ham….They used to play Ma Beeton’s in Rye, the only song I remember them doing though is Jilted John.

Hastings Local Band Photos….Yeah, many a gig in there….think it’s the Ghandi restaurant now!

Geoff Saxby…..The Dekorators broke the world record for non stop playing in January 1985 at Becketts Bar in Bexhill, Devonshire Road. 147 hours…

Tony Ham…..Does it still stand and did they play Jilted John?

Nastassja Kaschevsky….Dave Blackman stood in for me on drums……can’t find anything on the internet about it anywhere!

John Bownas… In reply to Richard Peet, Richard – did you ever reach Geoff? I have his e-mail address in Australia if you want it still. drop me a line … by the way… they were all right handed (even the drummer despite the kit looking like it is set up for a left-hooker) … the photos have been reversed 🙂 The record still may stand as Geoff tells me it was dropped out of the Guinness categories while they held it…

Pete Ellis… Andy Ellis and Steve Murphy played for the record breaking week. I believed the record was broken. I have the Guinness Book with the Dekorators mentioned. But sadly it’s a very small / basic entry


The Dekorators – England Entertains Talent Contest 1986


supplied by…Hastings Local Band Photos Facebook page

Nastassja Kaschevsky… The Dekorators – Doug Smith and Andy Sproxton. Taken at a club in St Leonards 1986.


supplied by…Hastings Local Band Photos Facebook page

Nastassja Kaschevsky… England Entertains National Talent Competition held at The Marina Pavilion – now Azur – Summer 1986. This was just after I left the band from L to R Andy Sproxton, Doug Smith, Ted Crouch who refused to leave the stage while they performed! and Geoff Saxby. Prince McBride’s keyboard in the background.

John Wilde… One question Ted Crouch. Why?

Nastassja Kaschevsky… He was the drummer for the interim music along with Prince McBride. He liked to do things his way! One of our local music characters!

Ashley Davies…. Ahhh the good old shell suit !! Why did Ted refuse to leave the stage he was the drummer

Nastassja Kaschevsky… If you look closely Andy far left was the drummer then with The Deks – Ted was from a completely different band. Andy had to set up his drumkit on the edge of the stage – while Ted refused to budge in the centre of them all!!


The Dekorators – Hastings Town football club 1983


supplied by Hastings Local Band Photos

Nastassja Kaschevsky…. This was the first Dekorators gig with this lineup, if my memory serves me right. It was a Talent competition at Hastings Town Football Club in the Summer of 1983. From L to R Steve Murphy, myself on drums, Doug Smith and Geoff Saxby. We came first and won the princely amount of £5.00!