Nazareth plus Mike Hugg Band – Hastings Pier 9th May 1975

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cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Mike Hugg Band photo taken on the night by Clive Richardson

Andy Qunta….Pretty sure I saw Nazareth on the Pier! Can’t be sure it was this gig though. Did they play the Pier more than once?

Geoff Peckham…..We (Factory) supported them too, didn’t we? Was it Folkestone, Andy?

Andy Qunta….Think you might be right, Jaffa! As you may know, I have a diary of all the gigs we did up to Aug’73, but it must have been after that. Lost the 2nd diary unfortunately! Btw, planning to make you a copy!

Geoff Peckham….Great, look forward to reading the diary! I get Nazareth mixed up with Geordie (remember them?) We played with one of the at Torquay Town Hall – massive place full of foreign students, some venturing backstage. Geordie had their wives with them so locked their dressing room door. We didn’t!

Steve Kinch….Having played with them many times over the years, Nazareth have become ‘on the road’ buddies. Sadly, Dan was taken seriously ill last year and has now retired from live work.

Here’s a rare version of ‘Morning Dew’ not sure where this was recorded.

Tim Hayward-Smith… They definitely played Hastings Pier as I was there.  The bit I remember most was the swirling dry ice when they played Shapes of Things, I looked down and couldn’t see my legs; it was my first experience of dry ice.
After the Gig I waited outside with my mate Richard for his Dad who was giving us a lift home to Hawkhurst (no trains or buses). Anyway the Band appeared when their car pulled up and we went over and said hello and they signed a poster for us which I still have.  What struck me, apart from they were nice guys was how short they all were!

Mick Knights… I remember that they were that loud that the beer was oscillating in the can!

Peter Fairless… Great band! Yes, very loud…

Andrea… It was my first concert. I´d stayed in Hastings for 14 days during my last weeks of scool in Germany. It was great and it´s allways in my mind.

Dave Nattress… I’m pretty sure Naz played the pier more than once. Saw them at least once. I saw Hug and have the vinyl album

Pete Fairless… It’s possible they played the pier earlier but I’ve nothing on that

Tim Moose Bruce… They did a lot of recording at Park Gate studio. Used to go for drinks at the pub in Catsfield round the corner from Park Gate.

Pete Houghton… Before the concert Nazareth signed my flyer for me and Hug signed something for me and gave me a Hug on the road t shirt in yellow

Gerry Fortsch… I really enjoyed this gig, one of the best bands l have seen and my mate Graham and me met the guys after the show. The thing that surprised us was just how short they were but what a sound and still one of my favorites.