Hollywood Killers – Earlydaze 1978


supplied by Jim Penfold

Jim Penfold… Earlydaze’ …..7 track album (inc Goodbye Suicide) by Jim Penfold & The Hollywood Killers . Early recordings from 1978. Available to download on ITunes/cdbaby/amazon etc on Friday Sept 25th. — with Bernard Jeffery, Neil Aplin and Jim Penfold.

Mike Mitchell… Is that Robin Heggy on bass?

Alan Esdaile… Not sure Mike, anyone confirm? Good photo of Min smiling and Bernard Jeffery, Neil Aplin and Jim Penfold.

Dave Nattress… Yes, definitely Robin Heggie on bass – he was in The Prisoners with myself, Mick Bridgeland on Drums and Andy Leaney on Guitar. He left when he was offered the Killers gig.

Dave Nattress… Meant to say about Robin, nice guy and a great solid bass player for one (back then) so young.