Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Hastings Pier 3rd November 2004



Review from The Guardian The Observer by Molloy Woodcraft

live from Brixton 2004...

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Red Right Hand is by far my favourite Nick Cave track!

Andy Gunton… Review in The Stinger by Andy Gunton…

Darren Johnson… Fascinating – I’d assumed bands had stopped playing the pier long before that

Steve Amos… One of the great gigs!

Jan Warren… He does some really weird, dark and brilliant stuff, love him! xx

Kevin Rowland of Dexys a survivor by Steve Amos, also Nick Cave Hastings Pier review.


Steve Amos… After all the losses of 2016 I thought I’d start 2017 by celebrating a survivor – Kevin Rowland of Dexys.

Back in ’68 in a sweaty club…

The evocative opening line of ‘Geno’, Dexys Midnight Runners’ tribute to Geno Washington, which hit number one in 1980. For me the equivalent would be Back in ’81 at the Old Vic Theatre, which doesn’t sound anything like as cool, but it was when I witnessed one of the great gigs of my life, Dexys Midnight Runners’ Projected Passion Revue.

continues here…

Peter Fairless… Still searching?

Martin Richter… underrated – the first 2 albums were brilliant!

Chris van Rock… Brilliant northern soul influence and agree searching for the young soul rebels is a classic
Shame it went all a bit wrong with the later come on Eileen stuff , the image nicked off the brilliant Al Archer by Rowland after the split of the original line up … he even tried to get Big Jimmy Patterson to lose the brass section and go to strings , the last straw for the big man. Rowland was a genius , the horn sections very northern soul and still amazing listening to this day. Dance Stance still as fresh , ‘ There there my dear ‘ .. my favourite . A troubled genius … always a star.

Alan Esdaile… My favourite is Burn It Down.

Steve Amos… Was told today that Kev spent part of his wilderness years working as a barman at a pub in Frant! Can this be true?

Kev Towner… Don’t Stand Me Down is a great album as well!!