Judas -The Regent Hotel – 1971/72


supplied by Paul Dove

Tony Ford, Nigel Dance and Paul Dove.

Charlie Ball… Paul Dove playing there is my cousin.I used to go to The Regent, Spyke played a lot there.

Jan Warren… I used to go there in the early 70s, my husband was the regular Saturday night

Andy Qunta… Before Factory was formed, my brother, Tony, & I played in a band called Static Emotion, with Chris Sambrook & Dave Austin. We played downstairs at the Regent every Saturday, between March-May 1970, approx. Good times! Small audiences, as I recall, but a gig’s a gig!

Candy Stripe – Mid 70’s

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poster supplied by Paul Dove & photo supplied by Jon McCallion.

Nigel Dance, Jed Stacey, Paul Dove.

Jed Stacey used to be in the group ‘The Vampires’ and Paul Dove now plays in ‘The Beagles’

Paul Dove….oh man look at narrow guts Dovey with long dark hair,!!! great band and Jed best drummer i ever played with, were are those 2 now..!!!

Andy Knight… Can you remember the year – when did you join us?

Robert Searle… Both venues now gone.

Jane Hartley… Went to the Queens Head a lot!

Dave Nattress… Yes, the Granville, Bexhill, downstairs in what I think I recall was like a quite ornate ball-room with circular pillars – maybe the mind is wandering too far on the decor – always, a considerable amount of beer had been downed. There was a period in 1969 – 1970 odd when there were lots of bands. Suspect or Centrepage I’m pretty sure and I think Bexhill’s Cult. But, for me and the lads on the whole it was a very bleary-eyed time.

Peter Millington… JINKS played there several times in the 70/80s. I remember the columns well.