White Rock Theatre Hastings summer season 1993

Matt Thomas… Bloody hell didn’t realise they still had the same summer season from ten years earlier into the 90s

Colin Bell… I was there with Don Lusher for his gig, he was a very well respected musician who played trombone in all the top orchestras, many years with Ted Heath & at The Palladium as well as doing loads of sessions. He was a close friend of the family & introduced me to many people in the biz & was very helpful to me. I was very fond of him, he passed away in 2006 God bless him x

Andre Martin… How things change in 30 years

Jim Breeds… Mostly dire! Only The Dubliners and Desmond Decker would’ve tempted me.

Mark Fawaz… Don’t have sod all now pantomime if ur lucky

Andre Martin… How things change in 30 years

Leigh Mitchell… 1993…looks like a set from 1973

Tony Ham… I used to go to the wrestling on Wednesday nights.

Mark Randall… Wow – that’s one heck of variety of turns

Joe Knight… Great Times and music

Mick O’Dowd… Only one tribute act and they were pretty good! Never realised Desmond Dekker appeared as I would have gone to see him.



Hank Marvin at The White Rock Theatre Hastings 27th November 1998

review by Colin Bell

Jane Hartley… I was there too. Didn’t he also have Brian Bennett’s son with him or did I dream that?

Colin Bell… Yes he did Jane, you weren’t dreaming

Stephen Singleton… Hank is one of the greatest musicians ever.

Mick O’Dowd… Was there for that one. Think I still got the programme.

Zoot Money & The Big Roll Band – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 28th July 1995

David Wimble… Didn’t Dorris Collins have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances? Lol

Lance Collins… David, think she saw the tickets sales

Mick O’Dowd… Was at the Zoot Money gig. Talking to him in the bar before show. Down to earth bloke.He had an ex-member of Bad Company in his band. I’ve been a life-long fan. The best album was Zoot! Live At Klooks Kleek. Another band that unfortunately couldn’t quite reproduce the excitement of their live performances. Still performing today

Alan Esdaile… Still going strong and crops up on the SMART facebook page from time to time.