Centre Page – Yelton Hotel Hastings – Christmas Eve 1997

supplied by Karen Sweatman

Karen Sweatman… This was Christmas Eve. Centre Page appeared on Christmas Eve in the Yelton for a few years on the trot.

Andrew Reid McDuffie… Hold on……Is 1997 a long time ago now???

Karen Sweatman… Still seems like yesterday to me!

Andrew Reid McDuffie… Me too!

Dizz Corinne Ryder… I remember them from Mr Cherry’s in St.Leonards!

Gerry Fortsch… Dave was in hospital with my dad and they stayed friends. I knew him from The Suspect.

Robert Searle… Nice to see another photo of Dave Easton Centre Page

Angela Jordan… My Nan and grandad worked there years ago

Lance Collins… Worked a few times with Centre Page. Good days.

Mick O’Dowd… Loved that place. Good bands/atmosphere and a really great selection of people and assorted weirdos!

Karen Sweatman… I’m delighted to say that I fit the weirdo category!

Lance Collins… We have all grown up to socially acceptable responsible adults

Dave Nattress… Played the Yelton once with The Prisoners. Good gig. Dear old mate, Andy Leaney – (RIP) broke a string and then cut his finger, somehow, blood everywhere but like a trooper kept playing. But then Seasick Steve used to do well with 3 strings!

Gerry Fortsch… Always take new skin to a gig.

Ricky Norman Sound from Ricky Long – The Fishermans Club Eastbourne 90’s 

Supplied by Ricky Long

Ricky Long… Ricky Norman Sound with Marcus Hinsby Norman Bennett and Ricky Douglas

John Harper… Blimey, those were the days! Great to see you guys again. We were on the same private functions, hotels and clubs circuit so our paths would cross many times. Lots of venues have closed since then.

Ricky Long… Hi John nice to know you are still about, hope all is good with you regards Rick

Bill Grace… Very suave Rick


Cheryl Baker, Bill Pertwee & Steve Johnson – Cinderella pantomime – White Rock Theatre December 1991/January 1992

Matt Thomas… This was the panto the following year after I went ill, I went to the panto party and Cheryl Baker had heard of me lol One of claims to fame

Paul Crimin… I worked with Cheryl Baker once, in a studio in St Johns Wood, London. My job was to drop pancakes on her head from an out of shot step ladder. Oh the glamour of it all…

The Savages – early 1990s

Supplied by Jack Irving

Angi Antinori, Dave Dix, Jack Irving and Tony Dangerfield

and with Screaming Lord Sutch…

Neil Partrick… They look pretty…..brutal… There’s a girl band with the same name these days (pretty good, Marc Riley has played them on 6 Music). Also a very good if bleak film about a decade or more ago with the late and much lamented Philip Seymour Hoffman. Sorry lads as I don’t know anything about you though, being a DFL….