Zoot Money & The Big Roll Band – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 28th July 1995

David Wimble… Didn’t Dorris Collins have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances? Lol

Lance Collins… David, think she saw the tickets sales

Mick O’Dowd… Was at the Zoot Money gig. Talking to him in the bar before show. Down to earth bloke.He had an ex-member of Bad Company in his band. I’ve been a life-long fan. The best album was Zoot! Live At Klooks Kleek. Another band that unfortunately couldn’t quite reproduce the excitement of their live performances. Still performing today

Alan Esdaile… Still going strong and crops up on the SMART facebook page from time to time.


The Earl Of Zetland – Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne


Terry and Matt 

photos supplied by Mo Elms

Used for Radio Sovereign in  1994


Coaster and matches supplied by Mo Elms

Richard J Porter… Supped a few ales and enjoyed a few meals aboard.

Paul Coleman… The Earl of Zetland is no more. The ship had a very chequered history after it was brought into service in 1939, around the start of the 2nd World War, including 2 other names & being used to carry troops & as a ferry. She spent her last days in a marina in North Shields where she continued as a restaurant, bar & at one time a chip shop. She became too expensive to maintain and was recently lifted out of the water by 2 giant cranes & put on the dockside where she was finally cut up for scrap. A sad end for a ship that gave many good memories to many people.

The Yelton Hotel White Rock Hastings 1990

photo by James Meredith

the photo featuring the woman with no body!

Andrew Freeman… My old friend the late Johnny Woodhams used to say if you went to the loo here you went to the Yelton John! There are those who won’t get this I guess!!

Ian Johnson… Sunk a few pints in there

Paul Coleman… I worked in the kitchen of the Yelton for a weekend when I was fifteen, washing up. The chef was an Italian I think. Completely nuts with a habit of throwing big kitchen knives across the room when he was peed off – which was most of the time! One came a bit too close, so I walked. Didn’t even bother collecting my wages.
So the Yelton, (White Rock) still owes me!! Lol.

Peter Houghton… I worked there in the 70s before going to the Royal Victoria

Freddie Smith… My Nan and My Auntie Vi used to go their every Thursday. They would always have their Guinness’, with their treats brought from the drug store(the people behind the bar didn’t know 🤣🤣). In the school holidays I would join them, having coke and crisps.

Rupert Gilham… Takes me back

Mark Gilham… Rupert great days. Not forgetting the Chatsworth run by the lovely Paul and Lesley

Mark Randall… That lady was obviously the magician’s assistant when he performed at the Summer Special

Jane Owen Schaumlöffel… I believe it was named by its original owner, Mr Notley

Peter Houghton… Jane, That’s Right.

Karen Riggs… When did the Yelton become the White Rock Hotel?

Janette Morfey… when the current owners took over, they renamed it.