Flexi Discs – What ones have you still got?

flexi discs

supplied by Chris Coleman via I Grew Up In The 70s

Chris Coleman… When Flexi Disks were free..

Clifford Rose… And some had some rare stuff on them like ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery and Alice Cooper’s Slick Black Limousine and who can forget Monty Python’s Tiny Black Round Thing!

Alan Esdaile… I got ELP & Alice Cooper and a few others, including a green Genesis The Lady Lies. The above flexi disc has this on the other side, Curved Air and Fanny. Also found The Alarm.



slade flexi

Alan Pepper… Noel Edmonds introducing Motown Chartbusters and Slade The Whole worlds going crazy and I did once have a Watneys Ale By Peter Cook and Dudley Moore !

Stuart Huggett… Here’s a few I had to hand: The Jam (Flexipop), OMD / Nash The Slash (Smash Hits), The Passage / Blancmange (Melody Maker), Haircut 100 (Flexipop), Monty Python’s Tiny Black Round Thing (NME)  ‘The Lumberjack Song’ on the other side too.

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Clifford Rose… Lemon curry?

Christos Tsanakas… I’ve got the great gimmick ELP flexi of Brain Salad… Marvelous, with gate-opening GIGER art!

What magazine/newspapers did you used to read & chat about.


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What magazines/newspapers did you used to read? Reading Andy Knights recent post about The Melody Maker, reminded me of the magazines of the day. Always read Record Mirror, Sounds and remember my sister reading Jackie.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… ‘Jackie’, ‘Disco 45’ & NME

Andy Qunta… As many as we could find! NME, Sounds, Record Mirror, Beat Instrumental was a good one, & many more! Melody Maker was the one we had delivered to the house every week. It sometimes arrived a few minutes late, as we eventually found out our paper boy used to stop and read it before he delivered it! Said paper boy being future bassist-extraordinaire Roger Carey!

Jim Breeds…  I usually subscribed to one per week that the newsagent delivered but often switched allegiance. Mostly NME (still do sometimes) but I tried them all at one time or another. Also we used to lend them to each other at school so that we could read them all.

Pete Fairless… NME for me!

John Storer… It was Roger Carey who told me about the New Musical Express around 1969 or 1970 when I was 13 or 14. After buying my first copy, persuaded my Mum to order it from the newsagent for delivery instead of my usual Lion & Champion comic. Would literally read it from cover to cover. For years and years, I looked forward to the paper boy delivering it. Would photocopy the crossword and me and Mick Watson would spend Thursday afternoons at work racing to see who could complete it the fastest In 1984, when I was doing my law finals in Manchester, one of my fellow students, Rob Mortimer, asked me if he could have my copy when I’d finished with it, as he had no grant and couldn’t afford to buy one. I agreed. Several years later, I would see him again … he’d changed his first name from Rob to Bob and had teamed up with a bloke calling himself Vic Reeves. Not long after, I gave up the NME for Blues & Soul but went back to it in the early 90s and the start of the Madchester / BritPop scene … never lived up to its former glories, though … those halcyon days when Danny Baker, Ian Penman, Paul Morley, Julie Burchill and Tony Parsons were the lead journalists. Finally stopped reading it about 15 years ago. Also bought Sounds form about 1971 and had that every week until it started going ultra-right wing around the time of Oi and Gary Bushell. Does anyone else remember Streetlife? … a really hefty mag, issued fortnightly, and which aimed to become the UK’s answer to Rolling Stone. Had every copy from start to its end about a year later. Responsible, along with John Peel, for introducing me to dub. Finally, a big thank you to my neighbour up on Montgomery Road, Jean Christmas. In the late 60s, every six months she would hand me a big pile of Jackie magazines. Would stay up reading them into the small hours … those glamorous picture stories, the Cathy & Claire problem page … where has that innocence gone these days? LOL

Mick O’Dowd… Used to have NME in the 60’s then Record Mirror and sometimes Melody Maker in 70’s. Also a monthly mag called Blues & Soul.

Alan Wood…. Sounds

Patrick Lewis… Used to read NME, Melody Maker, Disc and Music Echo but the most interesting in the late 60’s was Record Mirror which always seem to avoid the celebrity crap and concentrate on the music.

Diane Knight… Don’t want to sound uncool ,but ….June and school friends!!!

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The Beatles Album Artwork Secrets Revealed from NME.

Thanks to Jim Breeds for posting this.



Chris Giles… That was very interesting… Sergeant pepper album I used to look at just to see the people.. It seemed each time you looked you some new

Jon McCallion… I printed the album sleeve for sergeant pepper 2nd time around, still have it