Rave at Tackleway with The Suspects and The Prohibition 14th October 1967

Chris Baker… Surely it was just Suspect wasn’t it?

Alan Esdaile… Pretty sure they started out as The Suspects Chris and then changed to Suspect.

Karen Sweatman… They were certainly The Suspects at one point. Just seen a photo with their name on the drum kit

Robert Searle… True

John Gale… Crazy venue, went there a few times in the late 70s, can’t imagine the noise police putting up with that these days

Capels – Old Town Hastings – info wanted

Advert 1980

Tony May… A puzzler for you all? Does anyone know what year ‘Capels’ closed down? I’m researching a photo I have been given for Christmas and it shows ‘Capels’ where the ‘Upstairs’ Nightclub used to be. I remember, ‘Capels’ from the 1980’s but can’t recall if it became ‘Upstairs’ afterwards or if ‘Upstairs’ became ‘Capels’? My gut tells me that it was ‘Capels’ first but any info you can shed on this would be good… Oh and if any of you have any photos of either club you would be willing to let me use for an article in, ‘Hastings Town’ please get in touch, thanks!

Tony Court-holmes… new one on me and i drunk in capels a lot

Nick Prince… It was the upstairs night club last of all but CapelsRestaurant still continued underneath. The Upstairs Nightclub was generally still called Capels by the regular during this era. Do you know about Edward Capel?

Tony May… Ah, thanks, Nick! I may be getting things mixed up then! I thought ‘Capels‘ was the Nightclub but if it was a restaurant and underneath ‘Upstairs’ that would explain why I remember it incorrectly – especially if locals at the time also confused the two. Oh and no, I know nothing about Edward Capel?

Nick Prince… The correct spelling would have been Capell’s after Edward Capell , whom was a Shakespearean commentator and a famous playwright. It was once his home. It was also used as a bingo hall by Harry Simmons before he took over the Cinema Deluxe and was used for screening very early films between c1907 and 1910.

Wendy Weaver… I went upstairs in Capells in 1980 on Old Town Carnival night with Mick Msplesden who was s neighbour. He said that Jimmy Dimitri owned it at that time.

Terry Hardwick… I was the DJ at Capels . Upstairs was short lived after someone buying the property next door and Getting it closed down due to noise

Virginia Davis… I wondered why it closed as it always seemed busy.

Yvonne Cleland… It was a great club. I couldn’t wait to finish my shift in the Nelson and get up there! Jayne White was on the door xxx

Wendy Weaver… I think it must have been 1981. We went in there on carnival night with Mick Maplesden who was our neighbour and it closed shortly after.

Alan King’s 60th Birthday – Filo – Thursday 7th September 2017

Alan King says…

Despite my obit recently being published in a few place, the rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated and have got a gig at the FILO in Hastings on Thurs 7th September (my 60th birthday) and am putting the band back together for it – Tony Reeves (John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Colosseum, Curved Air, Greenslade) will be playing bass, Bobby Valentino playing the fiddle, Les Morgan drums and ROGER HUBBARD will also be playing, anyone wanting to come and sit in – then let me know, hopefully something will be happening from 6 ish til 11. drinks from 6 – band set up about 8, play from before 9 to just after 11. Above is a link to a bit of the full band (dunno if they ALL can make it but most will)
The following Thursday, 14th Sept at The Nelson, Roger Hubbard will be playing from around 8:30 ish
Both FREE entry

Jazz Fest 4th & 5th June 2016 – The Stade open space Old Town Hastings



Mike Raxworthy… A weekend of Jazz and Bluesy Soul – starts on the Stade at 7pm Saturday 4th June night plus in participating pubs around the Old Town. Commences on The Stade with 4 great bands on Sunday 5th June at 2pm. Headliner (5.45pm) is Tony O’Malley – ex Arrival, 10cc and Kokomo plus more acts in Hastings Old Town pubs! Pick up a program!

Graham How… Not going to miss Tony O’Malley!

Melanie Sorrenti… Any artist recommended by Graham Howe has got to be good. . . see you there Graham!

The Old Town Blues Club at The Royal Standard. Thursday Nights from the 30th Oct, 2014. 9.00pm

Alan King writes.. The Old Town Blues Club, at The Royal Standard, East Beach Street, Old Town, Hastings TN34 3AY on Thursday 30th October 2014 World class blues on your doorstep with free entry – Miller Anderson opens with Alan King


45th years after The Woodstock Festival – The Royal Standard is pleased to present Miller Anderson

Miller performed at the original 1969 Woodstock Festival when he fronted The Keef Hartley Band. He has also been a member of Mountain, Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, Deep Purple’s touring band, Jon Lord Band and even T.Rex. He’s jammed with Hendrix and backed John Lee Hooker and more.


King provides esoteric guitar musings. He previously worked with 60’s guitar icons Bert Jansch & Davy Graham and the late great Alan Hull, producing two albums for Jansch, both of which were Mojo Magazines albums of the year. He is widely regarded as the man responsible for Jansch’s renaissance in the mid to late 90’s.

closely followed by :

Thu 6th Nov – Roger Hubbard / Alan King

Thu 13th Nov – Miller Anderson / Alan King

Thu 20th Nov – Steve ‘Boltz’ / Alan King

Thu 27th Nov – Miller Anderson / Alan King

Thu 4th Dec – Roger Hubbard / Alan King


Roger needs no introduction to the residents of the south east coast. Roger is the finest exponent of the bottleneck guitar in the country, bringing the deepest real blues, from a player who is the real deal.

‘Roger is as good as any blues guitarist in the UK and the USA’ – Muddy Waters


Steve Boltz is the only other guitar player except Pete Townsend to play for THE WHO. He toured with them on their World Wide 25th anniversary tour when Pete was suffering from tinnitus.

He started his career in Atomic Rooster and has played with Bob Dylan, Keef Richards. David Bowie, Ray Davies, Scott Walker, Rick Wright and countless others.

A typical Thursday night on the not too respectable outskirts of Hastings Old Town

Beaten-down men and women cling to each other, factory girls in tight white hiphuggers do the bump, skinny bald old men in overalls jitterbug decorously with stout middle-aged women in sequined glasses.

Strangers huddle together against the cold.

You can feel it in your bones. You know a change is gonna come.

Run in worn out shoes. Steal the moonlight that creeps through the branches of the trees.

The Devil comes on Thursday nights. He comes in a big old car with whitewall tyres, suicide clutch and the stench of gasoline.

Picking and sliding on an old guitar, with drums pounding and a low down bass growling in syncopated rhythm.

Sometimes songs need singing, sometimes they need something else.


Every Thursday from 30th Oct

Out here is a long way from Thursday night. Notes sweet, strangled and crying for life, or another drink, or more of that moonlight through guitars and amps that ‘aint got none.

There’s things out here that some folks ‘aint never seen.

Drums on fire with the Lord’s gasoline.

Bass notes running out of one vein and the Holy Ghost pumping something new in the guitar player’s wrist.

Feel that hand start a fluttering, making sounds on those strings like this.

Defrost your heart, blow a kiss this lonesome way.

Steal that moonlight, white car-a-coming, have no fear, lay down those pills, put away that liquor.

They caught The Devil and they got him in The Royal Standard.

And he got wings that look like leather and a long and forked tail and when he clatters it against the bar, sparks will fly.

The Royal Standard The Bourne, Hastings TN34 3AY – FREE ENTRY 9:00 p.m.