The Blue Saloon Chip shop Old Town Hastings 1970’s

photo: Hastings Museum & Art Gallery

The Blue Saloon chip shop. c.1970s

Paul Cullen… Best chip shop when George had it

Jacqueline Marsh… That was my grand dad’s fish n chip shop back in the 40’s – 50’s. Bill Shirley he went on to have the Duke of Wellington public house known as The Silver Dollar by the old baths and wash house back of the Hastings wall. In those days the fish and chip shop had a third floor where we kids were sent when our mums worked down below. There were 5 girls and 1 son. All the girls worked at one time or other for their mum and dad. They were known as the Shirley girls and they were all very glamorous and very stylish back in the day

Graham Sherrington… Such Memories Jacqueline

Andy James Long… Is that what is now the Blue Dolphin chip shop?

Dudley Mendenhall… yep and still is I do believe, not been home for a few years now. That’s my mum and nan with my uncle Dick with me being held by nan.

Fred Marsh… I wonder why they knocked it down, was there no listing?

Tony Court-holmes… it burnt down

Jeff McCall… My grandmother worked there. Mabel Eldridge.

Peter Ellingworth… Photo from before 1971- note pre decimal money still in use then. Dates from early to mid sixties I would think.

Dudley Mendenhall… that’s about 1971-72. It’s my family

Peter Ellingworth… The UK changed over to decimal currency in mid-Feb. 1971, so I would have thought the photo was no later than that- although if you remember signage in the old currency was still displayed in some places for a time afterwards.


East Hill Lift postcard

Supplied by Al Ward

Al Ward… Salmon Cameracolour postcard of East Hill Lift

Martin Richter… what car? singer? humber?

Dave Reece… Looks like a Hillman Minx??

Peter Fairless… Martin, all the Rootes cars were badge engineered, so without seeing the grill or back badge, could be Hillman,Singer or Humber

Andy Roberts… Colour scheme suggests Hillman Minx.

Colin Bell… Dad had a Hillman Minx in that colour combination

Malcolm McDonald… That dunnarf, look like me at that drinking well but probably not, about the right year and age though

Johnny Smith and The Chevs


supplied by Gordon Humphries via Hastings Groups from 1958 to The Present

Johnny Smith and the DJ4 later to become Johnny Smith and the Chevs, L-R = Dave Johnson (Drums) Gordon Humphries (Rhythm Guitar) Dermot Murphy (Bass Guitar) Johnny Smith must be behind the camera. No picture of him available – YET! Played in the George Street Market Hall (Hastings) the Pier and many other local venues between 1961 and 1963

Nigel Livermore… Dave Johnson, Dermot Murphy and Gordon Humphries were in my year at the Hastings Grammar School from 1956-61. Smith was older than us, and rode around on a 350cc Douglas Mark IV motorbike with Harley Davidson ‘ape-hanger’ handlebars and scalloped flames on the tank. Always considered a very cool guy, with Steve McQueen-style hair. We used to get together at the Fiesta coffee bar in 1961. Johnson died from cancer a few years back, and Smith had a head injury after a scooter accident later on, leading to severe brain damage. Tragic! Many of us used to go every week to the Market Hall concerts, including Bob (Robert John) Lambert and Paddy (Terence Donovan) Flynn (who bought Johnny’s Douglas later on). Any of them still alive?

Lloyd Johnson… great group!…saw them along with The Talismen at the Market Hall George Street…and use to go to The Sombrero after with Henry from The Talismen…The Sombrero was a coffee bar near The Pumphouse…they had Ride of the Valkyries of the jukebox….

Maddy Prior of ‘Steeleye Span’ sitting outside St Clements Church in 1972

Supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Dawn Paines… Wow now this is a find and look at the state of the house behind her.

Wesley Magoogan… That house is now a wonderful house. This must have been taken when Steeleye were playing at the pier.

Tracy Birrell… I remember the band staying at the Queens Hotel when I worked on reception.

Smokestack Lightning – Tackleway Hall 13th May 1978

68067_10151377580655555_2082844928_nsupplied by Teenbeats Facebook Page

Ken Copsey…..Flyer from the legendary gig where Adults singer Jeb (also part time Teenbeats van driver) smashed up a Burns Sonic.The Adults also featured Dave Blackman on drums and Eddie Mays on bass. Andy Leaney was on guitar.Smokestack Lightning featured Ken Copsey on guitar.Huggy was at the gig, so you had four fifths of the Teenbeats present.This was definitely one of Eddie May’s designs and who could forget Noggins Deluxe Disco.

Noel Noggin… Noggins Delux Disco is still in existence, although it’s now called Zeehound and lives in mid Wales. Same DJ same great tunes. 🙂

Peter Fairless… …and Smokestack Lightning will be on tour again this summer!

Mick O’Dowd… I  really liked this band because one of their Dads’ told me to but I actually did like them!

Mark Syrett… The first time I met Steve Mepham and Craig Marsh.


Who remembers the Coach Park and Uncle Tom’s Cabin – The Stade Hastings early 50’s

supplied by Keith Hayes Facebook Hastings & St Leonards Pictures & Videos 

Peter Houghton… Yes it was nice to see all the coaches down there and Uncle Tom’s Cabin was always busy in the summer

Tony Court-holmes… happy days then the bastards took away the coach park

Virginia Davis… I remember the fair being there during Old Town week every year in the 70s

Wendy Weaver… The usual mismanagement.

Jack Apps… The Wishing Well aaaaah

Merv Kennard… the mine.

Peter Higgs… my nan owned Toms Cabin in the early 70s . Margaret Cook Galloway

Eric Harmer… was a gas apprentice then and put the gas pipes in there with old towner Jimmy Curtis

Glen Aylard… The Day’s When you could park in Hastings Old Town

Mick O’Dowd… The days when the Council used to ENCOURAGE visitors especially in coaches!

Alan Esdaile… look how many coaches!

Mick O’Dowd… What’s the word for a lot of coaches? A cluster maybe?

Stuart Moir… Exactly, the decision to stop coach and bus parking on the Stade was the killer for all the old town businesses.

David Kent… Are you sure all those coaches weren’t there because they had broken down?

Mary Cooke (Tippins)… I served the rock and ice creams 1968.