Who remember Michael Miles and Take Your Pick?

Mark Praid… Yes…….Bong

Andrew Reid McDuffie… Good God…..yes, I do!  Are we really that old……….?

David Edwards… Open the box!

Ernest Ballard… And you’ve won tonight’s booby prize. Sounds fascinating now lol.

Dennis Torrance… Loved this as a kid loved the crap prizes

Keith Veness… Take the money

Arthur Sutherland… Very twee, but there was not so much competition then, what was the beeb answer to this, I can’t recall.

Alan Parker… was it double your money, Hughie Greene?

Arthur Sutherland… I don’t think so, Michael Miles and Huge e green both worked for ITV or one of its associate companies. I recall it being on the night before.

Chris Meachen… Your quiz inquisitor…

Nigel Goodman… Open the box

Nick Shute… Yes Michael…..I’d like the blow on the head….right there where it hurts!…..anyone remember that??

Mike Wright… The Yes/No interlude was the best bit…..I think it started on the radio first….Luxie ?

Richard Wood… No it didn’t – “Bongggg!”

Jim Hobbs… Open the box, it may be worth more than 13 shillings and 6 pence.

Terry Pack… I do (note the careful avoidance of the term usually used to express affirmation)

Pete Prescott… Oh yes !

Terry Corder… Take the money!

Neil Cartwright… Sadly, yes (Am I that old??)

Eugene Hughes…  The yes/no interlude. You didn’t just say yes did you?

Lyn Humphrey… I’m not saying times were hard, but at the time, I’d have been happy with the (I think) five bob consolation prize. That was several weeks pocket money to me!

Alan Pepper… Yes ! Oops !  Am I right in saying that box number 13 had something special in or was it a booby prize ? This was such a long time ago .

Dave Nattress… Very much so.  My Father used to call it “Take your pick and shovel and get on and dig that hole”.

Nigel Ford… Was a treat when staying at Nan & Grandad’s overnight on a Friday on a rare occasion Mum & Dad were going out as we only had BBC at the time. Watched through the fug of Grandad’s Players Navy cut smoke!!

Eugene Hughes… That Was The Week That Was. I can hear Millicent Martin singing it now.

Roy Winchester… great game still on tv today reruns.

Andre Martin… Back in the 1950s, when I used to go and stay with my Nan and Gramps in Highworth, just outside of Swindon, I recall that also on Friday Nights was the ” Army Game” comedy about the National Service Soldiers at a Ordnance Depot somewhere in UK. The spin off was Bootsie and Snudge in 1960s. Think this followed this quiz show. Memories without a doubt.