Paine Electrics – Opening 22nd February 1971.

Phil Gill… Great. I bought the first Taste album and The Mothers Live at the Fillmore there. Roger Carey bought a lot of music there too.

Alan Pepper… If you had a time machine and went back to ’71 what RECORDS would you get from Paine’s Electrics ?

Alan Esdaile… Loads of great albums in 1971. Subject to budget which was very tight then, I would say Carol King Tapestry, Who Who’s Next, Janis Joplin Pearl and Leonard Cohen Songs Of Love & Hate.

Andy Qunta… If I had a time machine, I would get Time Machine by Factory! I lost my copy! Also The Yes Album, Genesis’ Nursery Cryme, and Deep Purple’s Fireball came out that year, I think.

Nigel Ford… Seeing it was formerly HORNBROOKS, I think that was what the shop in Battle was called when I first bought my 7″s. I don’t desire anything else from that time other than those I have still : GRAND FUNK Live & HUMBLE PIE Performance Rockin the Fillmore, though the latter was much later in the year. I remenber getting GENESIS Nursery Crimes & HUMBLE PIE Smokin from the DISC JOCKEY at different times around then and taking them back as they were too boring, which BIG AL did no problem.

Andy Qunta… Nursery Cryme boring? No way!

Alan Esdaile… Great album Nursery Cryme. Also like Selling England by The Pound.

Ian Cramp… Thanks, fond memories of this shop Best album that year in my opinion Meddle by Pink Floyd.

Alan Esdaile… lots of great albums in 1971. Who’s Next, What’s Going On Marvin Gaye, Blue Joni Mitchell… difficult choice Ian.

Pete Fairless… Don’t forget ‘Sticky Fingers’, ‘Tapestry’ and ‘Hunky Dory’…


The Hastings transmitter aerials from Paine Electrics – 1973

july 1973 - paine electrics

Nick Prince… Got our first colour TV from there around 1976 time. A 14″ Grundig portable with no remote. It cost a whopping £400+. I know we didn’t get the aerial from them, that came from Sussex Aerials, who I’m pleased to say are still going over 40 years on, with a slight name change of Sussex Satellites and Aerials. Same firm, just moved with the times.

Paine Electrics Ad – November 1975


Chris Sambrook… Use to do the round of Record shops every Saturday in Hastings. To my surprise Paine stocked Revelation by Man, the first Stray album and other odds n sods like Mighty Baby and Warm Dust. Did anyone else find obscure Bands in Paines?

Wendy Weaver…  Parking is a bit scarce there now.

Peter Fairless… You have to park at West St Leonards and get the train!

Jim Hobbs… Nobody goes there anymore!

Alan Esdaile… I remember doing the rounds of all the record shops on a Saturday.

Paine Electrics Top 10 – End May 1971.


Alan Esdaile… Love R. Dean Taylor.

Sheila Maile… Best years of my life young n’ carefree(63 now and knackered)

Andy Qunta… Even though we played Jig-a-Jig with Factory around that time (and still now), I didn’t remember that it was in the Top Ten! I probably didn’t follow the charts too closely then. Fascinating to read now though!

Gary Kinch… Seem to remember jig a jig being on the Fiesta jukebox or maybe in the Anchor. I put loads of money in both. Good days.

Jim Breeds… Surprised to note that I have 5 of those 45s. I must have been flush that week/month. FYI, Nos. 2, 4, 5, 6, 9.

Alan Pepper… Yes I must admit was buying singles then too ! Numbers 3 5 and 10 Double Barrell reminds me of the funfair on the Oval I am the Magnificent !


Paine Electrics – Kings Road, St Leonards-on-Sea


Eric Cawthraw suggested this post.

Eric Cawthraw … I’ve seen the article on local Music Shops. Well, I’ve come up with another one, now long gone. It was Paine Electrics and it was about half way down Kings Road in St. Leonards.

It had an odd selection of LPs – I remember buying ‘Brainticket’ in there. I think the only other people who popped in to buy a copy were Simon Pont and Clive Richardson! Euro Space Rock – and they are still going. They must have just got back to our galaxy….naa noo naa noo.

Anyone got anymore memories and cuttings/photos?

Phil Gill… I bought the first Taste album and Zappa’s Live at the Fillmore there. Young Carey and i were always in there.

Patrick Lewis… Brought several albums there: Barclay James Harvest Live Tapes, Joni Mitchell Blue and Beach Boys 20/20.

Andre Martin… Always had a good selection of records, when they sold out, the back catalogue was really fantastic, bought lots of London American from their old stock.

Mick O’Dowd… Yeah I bought the odd disc in there but there was a second-hand/junk shop(now that’s an oddity) at the bottom that I picked up American imports and first got “Tracks of My Tears” by The Miracles on import even though I had no idea what it was! Snobbery was the name of the game as I used to supply the records at The Grove Road YC and I thought with all these imports I could impress the birds (sorry girls!)

Nick Prince… They also sold televisions and we got our first colour tv from them. It was a 14 inch Grundig portable and cost over £400 around 1976.

John Wilde… I  lived at 8 Kings Rd and often bought Lps from the two guys at Paines. They were a cheerfull pair.

Chris Meachen… Used to cycle there specially from Ore on occasions, then more often once I was at college, & it was conveniently close.. Bought a couple of Gentle Giant albums on my last visit there, but missed it going…

Terry Huggins… Was this company anything to do with Farley Paine who had a shop at the bottom of Castle Hill Road where the car park is now?