Double Rave – Patrick Dane & The Quiet Five plus The Sabres – 1964




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Andre Martin… To many this weekend will be a Bank Holiday, for us back in the 1960s, this was just another weekend, even though it did include the beginning of May. The History of the Happy Ballroom on Hastings Pier continues. Here we are Saturday 2nd May 1964, and have a return visit from both of the bands playing tonight, this did seem to be a regular feature over the years, and when you think of the number of venues throughout the country, many of the groups appeared with regularity, just to meet the demands of a growing pop music industry.
Top of the Bill tonight are Patrick Dane and The Quiet Five – The Quiet Five formed in the early ’60s in London, first as the Trebletones before changing their name to the Vikings. As the Vikings, they did manage one side of a 45 single, the instrumental “Space Walk,” whose title was changed to “Gemini” when it was eventually issued by Columbia. The Vikings became the Quiet Five, however, in 1964 when they became the backing band for singer Patrick Dane, the Quiet Five split from Dane to go out on their own, signing with Parlophone, where they were produced by Ron Richards also responsible for production for the Hollies.
The supporting group, were well know and very popular from Brighton original members were Dick Plant from Eastbourne, James Hazeldene, Stuart Hinchcliffe and Geoff Cooper from Brighton, the group would later this year change their name to The Shelley, and embark on a impressive career working in Denmark and Scandinavia which would keep them working outside of the UK for the next 15 years.
That’s all for this week in The Happy Ballroom – somebody asked me the other week, when was this tag given to the Pier Ballroom, so far I have traced this back to publicity issued in 1956 and will keep searching.




Patrick Dane & The Quiet Five – Sept 19th 1964 by Andre Martin

              Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… Back to Saturday 19th September 1964, we have one of our regular attractions in the Happy Ballroom tonight – making their final appearance during 1964 – Patrick Dane and The Quite Five, supported by The Beat Syndicate, all this for 5/- . It’s the start of the Winter Programme on the Pier, and the prices have been reduced to try and compete with the growing competition.Patrick Dane and the Quite Five and a group that hail from Croydon and the South London Circuit and have a following in the town, having appeared many times in the Happy Ballroom. The support band the Beat Syndicate, a five piece, was a Leytonstone based band that played a lot around North Kent. On the SMART website these if a little more information about the boys.Our Friday Night warm up would have been to RSG and on the show from London on that night would have been a classic line up including – –The Animals – “I’m Crying.” –Elkie Brooks –The Chants –The Hollies – “We’re Through.” –Dionne Warwick – “Reach Out for Me.” The Witch Doctor, was continuing with it 7 nights entertainment, including this week – Sat & Sun from Sheffield – The Knives & Forks, Wednesday – Peters Faces and Friday Dave Dee & The Bostons. Also being advertised – Wednesday 7th October Little Richard !                                     Andre Martin

Nicky Read… discovered this by accident while looking up about Patrick Dane & the Quiet Five. Used to see them play in a pub  called The Perseverance in South London

Roger Siggery… Does anyone know what Patrick Dane did after he parted from The Quiet Five? I did a few gigs with him in the ’60’s but lost touch. Would love to know if he’s still with us!

Martin Ritcher… lol – what a great name for a band!

Group 004 + 1 & The Beat Syndicate – 1964/65

Any flyers or posters on these bands?

The Beat Syndicate at the Photoshoot 001

The Beat Syndicate.. supplied by John Maskell

John Maskell… I was a vocalist for a support group on Hastings pier on the 19th September 1964. The group was called Group 004 + 1. I appeared with another group called The Beat Syndicate later that year or early in 1965 supporting Verne Rogers and the Rebounds.

Are there any archives that you know of that have flyers/posters or other details of the time. I am trying to trace my time in the bands, but not having much luck. I am attaching a photo of the group which was taken after we won a beat competition at Coronation Gardens Leytonstone London, which was where we were based.The good looking one is yours truly at the back, left to right is Tony the Drummer, Jim the Rhythm Guitarist, John the Bass player and Mick the Lead Guitarist.

Group 004 + 1 or Johnny and the Bobcats as they were previously known, also appeared at the West Cliffe Ballroom Ramsgate on occasions to raise money for the Football Club. We supported acts like Duffy Power and Deke Arlon and the Offbeats to mention a couple. I am sure you are aware that Deke Arlon went on to become a successful manager, Shena Easton being one of his big stars.

Andre Martin… Here is the Newspaper advert from 19 September, that shows the Beat Syndicate as supporting. Will see what else I can find out for you.

1421284_10202434732807657_1353946471_oAndre Palfrey-martin collection

John Maskell… I was very pleased to receive the West Cliff poster from Nick Warburton. This poster shows both groups that I sang with. At the time I didn’t realise that The Beat Syndicate were backing Duffy Power, We had been on a supporting list some time before on Hastings pier The Beat Syndicate. The Headline Group at that time was Verne Rogers & The Rebounds. Around three months after the West Cliff gig I joined The Beat Syndicate as lead singer. Regrettably, I have to announce that Jim Newton Rhythm Guitarist for The Beat Syndicate passed away in September 2018.


Patrick Dane & The Quiet Five – Hastings Pier 25th July 1964 by Andre Martin


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

The summer weeks just pass by, and before we know we will have reached the August Bank Holiday weekend, and the special attractions over that weekend. In the weeks editions of the History of Hastings Pier – the Happy Ballroom, this Saturday 25th July 1964, we see the return visit from regulars – Patrick Kane & The Quite Five, and in support from the hub of south coast music [as they were always telling us] Brighton – The Sabres.Both of these had appeared together only a few weeks earlier, and must have been a successful night for their prompt return to Hastings. Patrick Dane and his group hailed from South London and had been around for many years; having served their time as it were in Hamburg like so many name groups in the 60s. There has also been a comment about the group on this FB page in the last couple of weeks. So I will not repeat. The Brighton based Sabres, were regular attractions at many of the dancehalls and clubs in the South and would go onto professional status in the coming year, and they were to have a successful career mainly in Scandinavia and Denmark – yet again here in Hastings “we saw them first” Let’s have a quick look at what else is happening – Ready Steady Go – one of our mainstays of current music and fashion is going from strength to strength on the Friday Night – and this week the line up would have included – The Rolling Stones – “It’s All Over Now.” -The Animals “House of the Rising Sun” -The Mojos – “Why Not Tonight.” -Sandie Shaw – “As Long As You’re Happy Baby “ – KingTaylor and The Dominoes “Somebody’s Always Trying” -The Fourmost & The Paramounts – so another good line up there, featuring some acts that we have seen or would be seeing shortly in Hastings.
That’s it for this week a short History Lesson, just leaves me to remind you that with Carnival FM returning to the airwaves on Saturday HASTINGS 87.9 or via the internet, will be plenty to tune into – in particularly on Monday 28th – 20.00 to 22.00 Time Machine returns and this year will be featuring many of the bands that visited Hastings Pier Happy Ballroom in it time, and on Friday 1st August as part of The Weekend Starts Here from 20.00 to Midnight, another special “The truth about the Mods and Rockers & The Second Battle of Hastings“ – Just what did happen that weekend, so do have a listen.
I will leave you with one last fact – Love him or Hate him – Tony Blackburn – aka Mr Magic, started his radio career with Radio Caroline South – 199meters in the medium wave band – exactly 50 years ago on 25 July 1964.- AND to update – his first record played was “Rag Doll by The Four Seasons”, and he started broadcasting at 4.00pm that afternoon. Congratulations to Arnold for having put up with him for so long!!  Next week it’s the Bank Holiday Weekend, and we all know what happened then ……                                          Andre Martin

Philip Meston…..Wasn’t Tony B the opening DJ on Radio 1 and the first track he played was Flowers In The Rain by The Move..?

Alan Esdaile….Yes that’s right, Tony Blackburn always gets a lot of stick but he introduced us to lots of great records, especially  lots of Motown.

Nicola Dobson….I met.him around rhat time at Biggin Hill air show still got.his autograph!……I met.him around rhat time at Biggin Hill air show still got.his autograph!