Group Therapy – 1967

Anyone able to confirm names?

Chris Baker… No idea, sorry. Played there a few times. Stonking crowd! When the policeman came to complain about the noise they picked him up and chucked him in the sea!

Alan Esdaile… I think Mick O’Dowd mentioned before that Robin Farrant(of Farrant & Reid) was in the band????

Mick O’Dowd… Yes he was. Can’t see him in pic though.

Trevor Spears… Looks like Paul Burton at the front,i think robin Farrant and possibly Merfyn Ashdown!  Think the drummers name was Bob Drewett?

Lloyd Johnson… It is Paul Burton…😀😀👍🏻

Andre Martin… Yes Robin in the back, left hand side.

Pete Millington… Not sure whether Chris Sayer was in Group Therapy or not. Later in 1967 SPYKE were formed which included Chris Sayer, Paul Burton and me. The Sailing Club was also on our gig venues. Great times apart from the sewage coming up through the toilets at high tide.

The Confederates – St Clements Caves Hastings 1965


supplied by Pete Millington

Pete Millington… The Confederates playing in the St Clements Caves, Hastings – Summer of 1965 — with Johnny Conroy, Paul Burton, Pete Millington, Dave Johnson (hidden on drums) and Trev Spears.

Alan Esdaile….Always a great sound playing in the Caves, the problem was it was a long way to take the gear and the leads ended up all covered in sand.

Royal Albert….My dads band midnight shift played there not that I was about lol

Alan Esdaile….I remember doing disco’s in the caves with Colin Bell. During the Arthur Brown song ‘Fire’ I used to set fire to my hands with lighter fluid which is fine for a few seconds but with everyone cheering you on, you left it burning too long. Talk about blisters with yellow puss, argh! That was one thing I didn’t try again.

Michael Mepham…..The very same Caves I played in with Die Laughing and where I met a young lady whose surname was Schneckenburger. Ahhhh, those were the days

Rosalie Copeland… Oh my gosh – remember them so well! We used to follow them around town when they played gigs!

Chrissie Daniels…Hi, I am the General Manager at Smugglers Adventure and would love to create a big signage board with pictures such as the above. If anyone is interested in sending me any pictures and a backstory we can of course credit you. My email is

Dave Nattress… Played the caves a couple of times with Samisen – it was felt to be a prestigious gig venue back in the day, but yes, getting the gear in and out was a game, even though we were young and fit back then – and the central cavern bit where the bands played was in itself quite a distance from the main entrance. But…really good memories, packed with foreign students and the sound was better – less bouncy with loads of bodies around – live bodies that is – well most of them.

Peter Fairless… Ask Chrissie if gigs are still a possibility?

Clifford Rose… Only ever went to one concert in the caves, and that was Fred Wedlock 02/05/87. He was very funny live.

Ralph Town…  I saw a chap called Strange, in the caves. He was in early eps pf Men behaving badly and the 1989 Batman movie. As well as our own Mr.Mepham 🙂

John Wilde… Yes The Breathers supported Steve Strange in the caves probably 1979/80.  Hang on maybe it was some other combo but I def remember supporting the Strange One RIP

Ralph Town… I think it was Richard Strange.  I’m not so sure it was Steve Strange. I remember the act involved this chap looking like Tom Bakers Dr.Who with movies played on a screen. Under the heading of ,”The wonderful world of …….. Strange”. I saw Mick in there with one of his bands but was probably traumatised as some scrote stole my copy of Kiss Alive vol 1.So was more focused on the loss.

Alan Esdaile… Brilliant gig with The Breathers at the caves John, I pretty sure it was Richard Strange and not Steve Strange.

Wendy Weaver… We met Fred Wedlock once when we were having a drink with the Yetties. He was an extremely funny man when he wasn’t performing too :). Good old West Country humour.


The Tuxedos at Hollington Methodist Church Hall in 1963

1963 Tuxedos at Hollington Methodist Church Hall

supplied by Peter Millington

Pete Millington… L-R Pete Jones. Eric Upton, Robin Groves, Don Climpson (at back waiting for Shadows cover performance to end) Paul Burton. – Taken at 8:10pm used to start early in those days as the last bus home usually went at 10:00 – 10:30pm, also, the caretaker had to come and lock up.

The Confederates – Grove School practice 1965


supplied by Peter Millington

Pete Millington… Confederates in 1965 L – R = Peter Millington, Paul Burton, Johnny Conroy, Terry Chedzoy, Trevor Spears – Remembering Paul Burton RIP who passed away on 14th January 2015.

Chris Baker… Blimey! They look about twelve!  

Pete Millington… Not quite Chris, I was 16 along with Trevor. Johnny Conroy was 15 and Paul and Terry were 17/18 – so long ago! We used to practice in the library at the Grove School. We had several pictures taken there for publicity after or before practicing. Sad that even where we practiced is now a pile of rubble awaiting re-development. It should have been listed and graced with a Blue Plaque LOL

Robert Searle… Great photo

Dave Nattress… Great photo indeed. I’m not or wasn’t acquainted with any of the guys, but have seen most of their names on SMART. But what an iconic photo – i know “iconic” is much over-used. A real, total 60’s “Beat Group” look. Smart matching suits and ties, smiles, smart haircuts, clean image, guitars, a Vox AC30? and an old Selmer combo. Wonderful example of it’s time and local stuff!

Harry Randall… What Selmer is that in the corner? It looks a lot like my thunderbird 30 I sold to someone down the old town loved those legs!

Peter Millington… A Selector-Tone 30 watt if that’s the same Harry

Harry Randall… Well now you know! The Thunderbird thirty came with catchy legs and selector tone buttons on top kept blowing rectifier tubes if my memory serves me if correct! That could even be my old amp! Whilst in “The Chain Reaction ” I had the Selmer Thunderbird 30 and John Petrie had the Selmer Zodiac both looked very similar I sold mine to a bloke halfway up all saints street in the old town.

Pete Fisher… great photo…not many people had a real Fender Strat and Precision bass back then,,,nice colours too!!

Pete Prescott… Great photo !

Spyke – Regent Hotel 1968


L-R Peter (Ginger) Millington, Paul Burton, Chris Sayer — at Regent Hotel, Hastings, downstairs before it became Scalliwags.

Madeline Joyce Morton….Christ Sayers on the right


all photos supplied by: Jinks the group website.

Robert Searle...Once again, great photos Peter

Mark Edir…..Yes

Richard J Porter…..My wife is there, it was her 21st!!

Andre Martin…..Richard – Tell Jacqui – Nice Top – where is the bottom half ?

Richard J Porter…..I have been instructed to write, saucy!!

Charlie Ball… That’s  the late Chris that had a shop down Tower Road.

Paul Burton, Chris Sayer, Nigel Davies and Bob Posner – Tudor Rose 1997


Supplied by Peter Millington

Peter Millington… A very sad picture of a spontaneous acoustic set. Picture is of Paul Burton RIP, Chris Sayer RIP, Nigel Davies RIP and Bob Posner, the latter still going strong thank goodness. Taken at a 50th Birthday party upstairs in the Tudor Rose in May 1997.

The Scratchers -1997 and 2004


supplied by  Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present Facebook page.

Peter Millington… (photo 1) The original SCRATCHERS taken at the Fisherman’s Institute in about 1997/8 L-R Kirk Ronchetti, Nigel Davies, Dermot Murphy, Paul Burton, Chris Sayer (in front)

Peter Millington….. (photo 2) A “fun” group – Kirk Ronchetti (Drums) Dermot Murphy (Bass) Ian Williams (Lead Guitar) Paul Burton (Lead Rhythm) Peter Millington (Rhythm).

Joe Knight….GREAT PHOTO!!!

Barry Newton….I remember Kirk from King Rod days many moons ago

Robert Searle… All these great pictures.

Steve Murphy… My rock & roll pop’s

Susie Prescott… The lovely Dermot!! xx

The Tuxedos – 1961


supplied by Peter Millington – Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

Peter Millington… The Tuxedos – 1961 – L to R = Robin Groves, Pete Jones, Paul Burton, Don Climpson, Eric Upton – A great group that had a very large following. In those days the venues were mainly church halls and youth clubs – no alcohol in sight but who needed it!

Paul Burton R.I.P.

Very sorry to hear of the death of popular local musician Paul Burton. I did not know him personally but saw him play many times. Much loved and will be missed by many people here.


photos supplied by Peter Gladwish


photo supplied by Joe Knight

Andy Qunta… I  also saw Paul play with Centre Page, but unfortunately didn’t know him personally. RIP.

Mark Harris… I’ve known Paul for years, very sad news

Karenann Clarke… R,I,P

Stuart Moir… R.I.P my musician friend we will all miss you ..

Terry Pack… I’m sad to read this. A very nice bloke. RIP, Paul.

Susie Prescott… RIP xxx

Neil Cartwright… Only knew him as an Estate Agent – but a very nice guy.

John Wilde… Thanks Paul. Journey on.

Mike Raxworthy… That’s a shock! Will miss seeing him about, always greeting me with a smile and never too busy for a bit of a chat. Very sad news. R.I.P Paul x

Mick O’Dowd… Again I knew of him but not know him although I have worked a lot of times when he played with Centre Page etc. and only saw him a few weeks back at The East Hastings Angling Club. He was a great musician and this is a sad loss to our musical heritage.

Andre Martin… RIP Paul one of the Old Brigade.

Barry French… So sorry to hear this sad news. A true gentleman & lovely guitarist. Barry & Ness French.

Rick Sellens… Saw Paul play in the sixties. Met him last year after doing some guitar repairs for him . Nice bloke.

Peter Millington… Nothing can prepare one for losing a close friend and now there’s a big void that can never be filled. I had the pleasure of playing with Paul in several groups over the years, The Confederates, then Spyke and more recently The Scratchers. He was a singer, guitarist, comic, and one of my best friends since our meeting in 1962. He’s now at peace, free from pain and contributing to the heavenly Rock and Roll orchestra I’m sure. His funeral will be at 2:00pm on 3rd February 2015 at Hastings Crematorium.


supplied by Peter Millington

Stuart Moir… What a wonderful send off for Paul, I am sure he was looking down with a big smile on his face, and what a brilliant response from all his friends in music everybody played and sang their hearts out, love you all !!


supplied by Peter Gladwish

Joe Knight…  a great send oFF well done all!! WELL DONE GINGER DONE PAUL!!! “PROUD”

Mick O’Dowd… Extremely good send off. It was an amazing non-religious service but said everything. We had tears. We had laughter and also dancing! It was the most moving funeral I have ever been to. Well done to everybody involved in the planning and execution of this event. You did him proud.

Stuart Moir… Well said Mick, I think Ginger needs a big round of applause for everything he did to make the event go smoothly, also a mention to Simon Shaw for the PA and his contribution as a musician.

Peter Millington… Paul Burton, as usual, raised the height of the bar yet again. He now has the credit of organising his own funeral service and “wake” which was the best that I’ve ever attended. Acting as his organisational agant for the event I must congratulate and thank every musician that took part. One of those events that everyone wished wouldn’t end. As always Paul, you’re a difficult act to follow. RIP my very good friend – Ginger