Steppin’ Out – Archery Tavern Christmas Eve 1977


supplied by Paul Dengate

Paul Dengate…. I’ve checked through my diaries and I reckon this was taken at the Steppin’ Out “party night” at the Archery, Eastbourne, 24th December 1977. Used to do the sound for the band, but this was probably a special party-piece. L-R: Wesley Magoogan, Ray Fenwick, Paul Dengate, Martyn Baker, Roger Hubbard. Drummer is possibly Andy Knight.or Kevin Hoad.

Andy Qunta… Great band!

Nigel Ford… Was Tich Turner in Steppin’ Out at some point,…soon after he left Stallion, I seem to remember?

Alan Esdaile.. Yes your right Nigel. Here’s a press photo from 1977…


John Wilde… One word. Hair.

Wesley Magoogan… Serious flairs!

Martyn Baker… Yeah, nice pair of lionels Wesley but I think if there was a biscuit around then Paul would have taken it.

Paul Dengate… Yes.

Dave Nattress… Samisen played the Archery Tavern once when I was with them – mid-week I think and If I remember correctly it was one of those gigs where the unappreciative audience had just about made double figures.

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Aircraft – Wittersham 1978

All photos © Paul Dengate

Paul Dengate… A festival in a field in Wittersham, 1978. Two photos of Aircraft, showing Wesley Magoogan, Will Thomson and Mick Tanner; the Turpin brothers, Louis and Jem; Eric Money.

Andy Qunta… Great photos!

Stepping Out – Wittersham Village Hall 19th August 1977

supplied by Paul Dengate

Paul Dengate… Another poster from 1977. I must have been there to get the poster, but I have no mention of it in my diary even though I was doing the sound for Stepping Out at the time (e.g. on the Pier the following week).

Conan Howard… was this band Stepping Out not later to become Felix with Wesley Magoogan and Roger Carey etc?

Martyn Baker… Well… I was in the band, and must have played this one…. I have no recollection of the gig though! But Felix were before Steppin’ Out.

Wesley Magoogan… I left Felix and joined Stepping Out which led to the Roaring Eighties.

Martin Stringer… Great band and a very talented young bass player. Guess who.

Wesley Magoogan… My favourite track we played was ‘Hand Jive’

Martin Stringer… Well Wesley you were fecking brilliant. I was and am so proud to have been in the same band as you. I wrote a song you made it.

Ernest Ballard… Didt Felix become Aircraft. I joined that band with Will Thompson and Mick Tanner. Drew on bass and his girlfriend Lynn both from London on piano.

Wesley Magoogan… That is correct Ernie.


The Black Horse Telham – 2nd folk club reunion 1990

supplied by Paul Dengate

Paul Dengate… Poster from 1990 for the 2nd Black Horse folk club reunion, which became known as the Black Horse Music Festival that ran annually for another 20 years or so. The folk club itself had run for a similar lifespan from the mid-60s. Many of the musicians and/or bands involved in the Saturday event had been regular performers or residents at the folk club.

Nadia Compagnone… I used to live next door to the Black Horse and married Eddie“s brother in law. My dear cousin was Peter Thompsett from Cottage, sadly missed, but many happy memories.

Neil Partrick… Readers might be interested in my profile of folk musician Ian Dobson which has quite a bit about the Black Horse Telham folk club and some of the musicians who played there

Keith Veness… Had some great nights there in the early 70s

Mike Waghorne… Often went there in the mid 70’s

David Betts… For the record the original founders of the Black Horse folk club were not the 2 gents listed in the attached article, the club came from an idea of a guy called Sam Sewell who I (Dave Betts) was at Bexhill Grammar school with, he introduced me to Eddie and myself and Colin Potter started the club in the side room on a Saturday night, this would have been around 1964, around the same time we ran the New Inn club in Sidley, which originally started at the Conservative club in Bexhill .

The Alamo Band – Stage Spotlight 1970’s

Yvonne Bellhouse… This photo was in the Hastings & Bexhill Observer in the early 1970’s. It was of The Alamo Band. They were a support act whenTex Withers was singing at the De la warr Pavilion Bexhill. The band members were Bob Smith singer, Paul Dengate guitar Geoff Bellhouse bass and Don Bridger drums.

Stuart Moir… That’s Dan Bridger I think Yvonne, I knew him from my early years with Centre Page.

Paul Dengate… Stuart, It was Don, at least when I was playing with him.

Folk at Mr Cherry’s 1984

Supplied by Paul Dengate

Paul Dengate… From 1984. For those who were too young, or enjoyed too much beer at the time, Mr Cherry’s was a big pub on the seafront in St Leonard’s, beneath Marine Court. These gigs weren’t in a folk club, but took place in the main bar. The musicians were local.

Martin Curcher… I was playing for the Tinkers in those days

Steve Thorpe… I worked there!

Stuart Huggett… Cherry’s hung on til at least the mid 90s and I bloody loved it.

Ritz – Black Horse Music Festival – 26th to 29th May 1995




photos & poster supplied by Pete Prescott

RITZ, with John Laidlaw, Neil Cartwright, Martin Stringer,  Andy Knight(Drums) &  Paul Dengate.

John Laidlaw….Eeek!

Paul Dengate… Just thinking, Neil and Andy and I played with two bands that weekend – Chaser and Ritz. Then realised that Garry Blakeley probably played with nearly everyone on the Saturday!

John Beeching… I don’t think he left the stage all day, should have been sponsored for the marathon.

Gilly Johnson… What a great festival it was!