Paul McCartney ambushed in Hastings in the 1980’s?


In the Hastings Observer (14th Aug 2015) is the above letter from Brian Westbrook. Anyone help with this or remember seeing the photo?

Jon McCallion… I’ve known Brian since I was 15, never met Paul McCartney, wish I could.

Chris Meachen… I’ve encountered him twice, once in Cambridge road, when one of his kids was in the R.E.S.H, & once in a shop in Tenterden,- ( ” Alright Paul?” “Alright mate”.) Seemed an alright bloke…..

Alan Esdaile… I’ve seen him twice, once going into the cinema in Queens Road and the other time in The Robin Hood pub Icklesham. I did try and book him for a judge on Miss World once and his agent put the phone down!

Mick O’Dowd… Used to see him regularly in Rye. Wings used the old Cinema in Cinque Ports Street to rehearse before a world tour in the 70’s.

Alan Esdaile… We did try and book Wings for the Pier, around 1974. Here’s the write up from the Evening Argus supplied by Andre Martin.


Peter Millington with Paul & Linda McCartney – 1995.


supplied by Peter Millington

Peter Millington… 23rd November 1995

Stuart Moir… Nice pic Pete’ even McCartney looks young there

Pete Shaw… Looks like Paul and his wife Linda are approving a care home place for you Ginge!! Did you get a good deal? What’s the food like? Double room?

Peter Millington… Ha ha Pete  won’t be long, they’re putting in a bar just for me

Mark Randall… When was Cilla’s hair this long?


Paul McCartney’s Give my regards to Broadstreet film – Hastings Classic Cinema February 1985

Julie Findlay-jones… I had the album.

Andy Qunta… Plus Rupert and the Frog Song!

Steve Amos… Rupert and the Frog Song was the better film.

Ralph Town… I was there lol, with a good friend.

Alan King… at least the Frog thing was a better song than Suzie and the Red Stripes

Desert Trip – Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Neil Young, The Who

Anyone fancy a trip to California?

Joe Knight… Why couldn’t they chose CAMBER SANDS

Neil Steadman… How much are the tickets?

Alan Esdaile… It looks like $399 plus fees for a three day pass, plus the cost of getting their, accommodation etc but the biggest problem will be getting your hands on a ticket.

Neil Steadman… Norwegian airlines look reasonable, £450 return.

What’s your first sheet music book?

post suggested by Paul Austin


supplied by Paul Austin

Geoff Peckham…  had the Beatles song book too but the price on it was something like 19/6. Strawberry Fields wasn’t my first sheet music piece, but significant today as I’m going to play it at last tonight with Factrio!


supplied by Geoff Peckham

David Miller… I used to have a lot of those “Learn to play Beatle songs on guitar” books from back in the 60’s when I was doing just that. Although they’ve gone the way of all things I do have, just for you Fab Fans to scream over, a 1963 fan club souvenir book/magazine filled with pics and intereviews with the lads – it is so of that time, early 60’s – it’s such a blast. On a related note, in the 90’s I went to a BeatleFest in Chicago where Astrid Kirchherr (Klaus Voorman and the Stuart Sutcliffe’s girlfriend and excellent photographer who hung out with took all those great Hamburg photo’s of the pre-fab Fabs) was talking and promoting her new photo collection book. I went to the ‘meet and signing’ event later and brought her this book to sign. The promoters didn’t want to let me bring it to her for that but I wasn’t having any of that and did anyway. She took time out for a while and went through it looking at all the pictures in detail and just revisited that time, saying how young and (relatively) innocent they all were back then. It was a lovely little visit, she did sign this book and – I got hang with someone who loved a Beatle, was loved by The Beatles, such a big part of their history and, whats more, is a very fine artist in her own right. For someone as steeped in Beatle history as what I am, this was very poignant and special indeed. I’m going to go scream now…..


supplied by David Miller

Paul McCartney on Ringo Starr’s allegation that he died by World News Daily Report

paul8 – written by Barbara Johnson

Mark Randall… Well. he would say that, wouldn’t he

Mick O’ Dowd… He looks alot older than I remember him as well!

Peter Gladwish… He looks quite good for a corpse!

John Storer… A cursory perusal of this website reveals that it is a poor copy of The Onion, but nowhere near as clever or amusing. Cannot believe anyone thinks get it was genuine.

Gary Kinch… ……and I was abducted by aliens.

Mark Randall…Morphed into our Cilla

Ringo Starr claims Paul McCartney died in 1966

Thanks to Ian McGilvray for finding this.


Leigh Wieland-Boys… It’s 1st March, not 1st April (Fools Day)!

Alan Esdaile… perhaps he’s been spending too much time with his tank engines.

Stephen Kolimbardies… I’ll have a pint of whatever he’s drinking!!!!!!!!!

Eric Harmer… But is that really Ringo ?

Mick O’Dowd… No it isn’t. The Ringo I grew up with didn’t have a beard and looked alot younger!

Colin Norton… I  don’t really think that the World Daily News is a reliable news source 🙂 if Ringo did say this he was probably joking with them.

Eric Harmer… But are you really Mick ?

Terry Pack… I think that all famous people are played by actors. It’s a bit like Doctor Who, in that the actor’s change, but the characters carry on. Keith Richards has been replaced several times, I believe. Paul McCartney’s original actor was a very good musician, but subsequent versions have been lesser talents, as is clear from the decline in quality of the song writing over the years. When a suitable replacement for a famous person can no longer be found, the character ‘dies’, as happens in long-running soap operas. And, occasionally, they can be brought back to life, like Ted Nugent, unfortunately. After the end of The Beatles, each was replaced by less talented people, except for George Harrison’s character, who was then allowed the space to blossom into the excellent songwriter he’d always promised to be. Ringo’s character was no longer furnished with comedy material by McCartney’s replacement (who wasn’t very good at writing songs: even his ditties were weak compared to those of his predecessor), and had to go into television Voice Over work.

Alan Pepper… Ringo wants to change his name to John Smith cos he’s so bitter ha ha

Colin Norton… Terry, I think that I can see a book in your future 🙂

Barry Newton… I thought recent research concluded that drummers are the most intelligent band member. I think it’s back to the drawing board.

Phil Gill… After The Beatles split, Paul and John became Derek & Clive. Fact. It was a well kept secret, that both Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore took to the grave.

Terry Pack… Barry, Actual drummers are more intelligent than anyone, but once The Beatles started making films, the original Ringo was replaced by the actor who had hitherto been playing Lord Snowdon. He was neither a very good drummer nor (as a consequence) very bright. He did make a good job of the transition from Posh Git to Scouse Scally, however, unlike the actress who took over as Princess Margaret at the same time, who proved to be a lush!

Phil Gill… The clues are all over Derek & Clive Live, Tel. “This bloke come up to me an’ said ‘ello, goodbye…”

Barry Newton… Bugger, I thought I had solved the Lord Lucan riddle, Terry.

Peter Millington… Ringo has “lost the plot” Mind you I never really thought he had it in the first place – “RIP Ringo’s brain”

Terry Pack… The actor playing Lord Lucan got the gig as Peter Sarstedt, whose actor had become Peter Wingard. It all happened too quickly to replace Lucan, and so his character was ‘disappeared’ in a hurry, never to be seen again…

Phil Gill… He was also from the West Country, hence Sarstedt referenced the whole incident in his song “Where Do You Go To, Moi Lovely?”

Leigh Wieland-Boys… You boys & your imaginations! Such fun!

Peter Gladwish… When are they coming to take him away, ha,ha?



Thanks Kanye!


supplied by Peter J Brazier via moonalice facebook page

Pete Fairless… Nope, we still have no idea who you are!

Phil Gill… Is it Pete Townshend?

Will Cornell… Can we start calling him “Kan’tHe?” As in “Kan’tHe go away”?

Jane Hartley… Got me!

Colin Fox… Is his name something like Mcartwheel?

Pete Fairless… Ah, is it Mike McGear’s rather less talented brother?

Alan Esdaile… Thank U Very Much.

Chris Sambrook… Aw come on, we all know this is Dirk McQuickly

Mick Mepham… Dork MeQuickly?

Nigel Ford… Keh!

John Storer… Have to say the last three Kanye West albums have been a damn sight better than the last three Macca albums. Give them a listen … he really is something quite special. To most music fans under 35, Mr West will be considerably better known than Paul.