Paul Simon in Sussex by Stuart Huggett – reprinted in Hastings Online Times.


In this article reprinted with the kind permission of The Stinger, Stuart Huggett recalls Paul Simon’s visit to Bexhill as a budding but unknown folk singer back in the 1960s.

Colin Norton… Great article!

Yvonne Cleland… Shared!  I remember going to see Paul Simon with a 50-piece band when Gracelands came out. One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

David Betts… I was on the same bill but too insignificant to be mentioned, I later went off with Rob (Bob) Edward’s to play round the continent. Also at this time I was co running the New Inn folk club in Sidley with Colin Potter and believe me I would have known if Paul Simon had played there, it never happened.

The Stinger Issue No 8 – with Paul Simon in Bexhill 1965.



supplied by Stuart Huggett

Stuart Huggett… The Stinger Issue 8 now available – with a feature on Paul Simon’s time in England (including the 1965 De La Warr Pavilion folk festival)

David F Betts… I was on the bill at the de la war gig, probably backing up Bob Edwards. I also co ran the New Inn Sidley and the Black Horse Telham with Colin Potter and  I’m pretty sure Paul Simon didn’t appear at either.I think a guy called Dave Hatch organised the De la Warr concert.

Will Cornell…. Where was Garfunkel? This looks like a great bill.

Alan Esdaile… He was probably at The Scarborough Fair Will.

Stuart Huggett… I’ll say again for those who didn’t know: Ralph May here is better known as Ralph McTell.

Robert Searle… I thought and I know Paul Simon came from New York area

Paul Simon in Bexhill in 1964/1965 – information wanted.

Andy Gunton… Stu Huggett is writing a feature for The Stinger magazine all about Paul Simon and the gigs he played at the New Inn, Sidley and the De La Warr, Bexhill in the mid 1960’s (64/65).

if anyone has any info about those gigs, especially if you were actually at either of them, we’d love to hear from you. Any photo’s, cuttings etc would also be great to see.

Did Paul Simon play The Black Horse at Telham? asks Barry Taylor

paul simon

Barry Taylor… did Paul Simon play the Black Horse At Telham does anyone know?

Stuart Huggett… He may well have, he certainly appeared to have played The New Inn in Sidley during his mid 60s troubadour days. Also the De La Warr folk festival date August 30th 1965 with: Shirley Collins, Ian Russell, Rob Edwards and Ralph Hay”.

Andy Gunton… That’s got to be worth a piece in The Stinger hasn’t it Stu? 😉

Stuart Huggett… Only the 50th anniversary this year, eh?

Alan Esdaile… Maybe a bit early Andy but might be worth going through the Bexhill phone book to see if you can find a Mrs Robinson!

Stuart Huggett… Sidley Ways To Leave Your Lover.

Andy Gunton… You Can Call Me Al(an).  If anyone has any memories of Paul Simon’s gigs at the De La Warr, or New Inn please let me or Stu know. We’re going to put together something for a future issue of The Stinger about his visit to our area. Any links etc gratefully received

Alan Esdaile… I remember Art Garfunkel being in Hastings in the 70’s. He came in Stylus Records and I sold him an album which I think was Its A Beautiful Day. He was down here to work in the studio with John Martyn.

Andy Gunton… That would make a nice little postscript Alan & I remember you telling me about that before

Alan Pepper…. Loves me like a (white) rock !

Alan Esdaile… you guys are still crazy after all these years.

Jim Breeds… Do you know if any collaboration between Martyn & Garfunkel saw the light of day?

Bob Bailey… Not that I can remember

Alan Esdaile… can’t confirm what they were working on or if any records were released together. However, often due to being on different labels and contract restrictions, some people were not credited.

Jim Breeds… Good point Alan, or credited to a fictional name like Hari Georgeson 🙂