Peggy Sue & The Night Riders – early 60’s


supplied by Colin Fox – Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on

Colin Fox… An earlier photo of Peggy Sue & The Night Riders: L to R Chris Hermon (rhythm Guitar) ,Pam Gardiner(Vocals), Peter Head (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Jim (Bass) and Mike Sullivan (Drummer) at the back.

Peggy Sue and the Night Riders – 1963

1963 - Peggy Sue and the Night Riders

supplied by Peter Millington

Peter Millington…  Peggy Sue and the Night Riders were an Eastbourne group who played in Hastings quite a lot in the early 1960’s. back row LR Laurie Brookman, Mike Sullivan, Chris Herman, front Row Peggy Sue (Pam Gardiner) and Peter Head.

Robert Searle… Love these photos

Colin Fox… I used to watch Chris and Pete practice in one of the parks along The Avenue, Eastbourne. I learnt a lot watching Pete who went on to be a policeman in Hastings.

Andre Martin… I thought that Pete’s face looked familiar – now you mention his profession it all falls into place.