Skid Row, Graham Bond & Pete Brown – Hastings Pier 10th August & 17th August 1972 & memories of Gary Moore


supplied by Mick Mepham

Phil Gill….Gary Moore had already left by this time and Adrian Fisher had stepped in.

Gary Kinch….Was there. Good gig…….so was Stray, Stackridge and Genesis. 50p a ticket, same price as 4 pints of bitter (12p Jenny)

Martyn Baker….Also. See Genesis Live! 60p!

Chris Meachen…..I sang ‘johnny b goode’ with skid row at that gig, & was invited to join the band!

Pete Fisher….the dawn of shredding – you’d have to go to John McLaughlin to find a guitarist who could play that fast back then .I’ve been combing my scrapbooks etc from back then recently, and I was at the Skid Row gig – featuring a very young Gary Moore, I think he was actually only 18, playing amazing guitar…I was also at the Stray gig, and still have a Stray badge – they also played the Pier 25.03.72, supported by Factory! When I get time I’ll post a list for 71/72/73, and some original tickets/photos!

Yvonne Cleland…I was in the front row for the Gary Moore Band, so can confirm that one. Don’t know why, but my memory is telling me he was the support act for someone, but my memory could easily be wrong.

Terry Pack…I got to know Gary quite well when I was recording at Morgan with The Enid in 1977. He was recording with Jon Hiseman’s band, as was Don Airey. Morgan had 4 studios in the same large building, with a central space containing a bar, where we used to meet for a drink and a game of pool. Heatwave were also recording there at the time, and I beat Rod Temperton time and again at darts. Gary was very shy, and very self-conscious about the scar on his cheek, which is why he always had his hair across his face. I met him a few more times at Blues Festivals during the 80s and 90s when I was playing with Johnny Mars.  He was a fine player.

Phil Gill….The Gary Moore Band played the pier with Vinegar Joe in 1973. Vinegar Joe had Robert Palmer and Elkie Brooks, but Gary was the man for me. Steve D and I were “Entertainments Secretaries” on the college Students Union and had booked them, so we were on the pier when they sound checked. Gary Moore had just left Skid Row and was touring his Grinding Stone album, great band, two guitarist and keyboards. He sound checked by playing You Don’t Love Me from the Allman Brothers live album, playing Duane’s solos almost note for note. It couldn’t get any better – one of my favourite guitarists playing a song from my favourite album.
I had to sort out time slots and stuff with him after the sound check, and I mentioned that he’d obviously studied the Allmans’ live album. He was pleased and surprised I’d noticed the reference, and I spent a great half hour or so with him in the dressing room discussing the Allmans, Duane and guitars – common ground, we were both fans. And Skid Row; I was a fan, Roger Carey had turned me on to “34 Hours”, so we talked about that and he happily answered a lot of my questions about the band and that album. He had a Gibson SG that night and I asked what had happened to his Les Paul from Skid Row – stolen, he said, but he really liked his replacement SG, then handed it to me…“Here you go – try it out and see what you think….”.  I was 17, he was 21. He could’ve just told me to clear off, but instead he gave me something to remember. He just loved talking music and sharing time with another young player to talk guitars. What a gent, what a memory.

Andy Clarke… And what was at No 2, Queens Rd?

Mark Hardwick… see Genesis for 60p…not bad

Lucy Pappas… I think I would have been at all the gigs on the poster. Shame I don’t remember them all. Phil, you mentioned Vinegar Joe. I definitely missed that one but I do remember being told that Elkie Brookes boob had fallen out of her frock! Shock horror in Hastings!

Roger Carey… I have this Skid Row pier related flyer too , it was indeed as Phil says Adrian Fisher (who subsequently played for Sparks) on guitar. Brush Shiels was leader on vocals and bass (an innovative player who was playing a lot of chord rhythm stuff that night. Possibly an ex ‘Taste’ guy John? on drums. The Skid gig was summer 1972… Gary Moore’s new band played early 1973 supporting Vinegar Joe.. He joined Thin Lizzy temporarily in 1974 – (have a great radio session of that line up on tape)-then formed Colosseum 11 with Jon Hiseman. I recommended the extended re release CD of their first album “Strange New Flesh “- an overlooked gem of highly crafted rock- bass players check out Neil Murray’s work on this album… Saw this line up at the Marquee 1976… could go on and on about Gary Moore and his musical quests- in my opinion one of the greatest rock guitarists- equal in overall stature to anyone we could discuss… I supported Allan Holdsworth at the White Rock gig in 2010 (with Andy Williams and Simon Page as “Engine clutch gearbox “)- it was in the White Rock bar later that Gary M took my place with Allan H to have a chat- I was more than happy to facilitate!

Tony Court-holmes… think i was there


Freak Flag, Pete Brown, Carey & Prescott, Harmer & Westlake – in aid of St Michael’s Hospice Sunday 6th October 2019

Limited edition CD, available to buy on the day for only £5.

Mike Waghorne… Didn’t a Pete Brown write some of the lyrics for Cream ?

Alan Esdaile… Same person Mike.

Barry Taylor… “New CD from BareFaced Music, in aid of St Michaels Hospice. Volume 2 features a bumper 18 tracks, including the Musicians appearing on October 6th, at the Sea Angling Club,Hastings [2.30]. There are 2 original songs from Freak Flag, whose reputation is growing fast. Local bassist Roger Carey [Steeleye Span] has donated a track which he recorded with ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Weston, also featuring Lianne Carroll. Peter ODonnell has written a lovely tribute to Dr John and legendary 60s Band Steamhammer are featured on several tracks. King Size Slim and Roger Hubbard contribute live tracks and there are contributions from Eric Harmer, Pete Brown and much more besides. Volume 2 is only £5,available at the Gig on Oct 6th and afterwards at local outlets”

Barry Bumps into… Pete Brown

Barry bumps into… Pete Brown

Well,I first met Pete in London, towards the end of the magical Sixties! He lived in an apartment near Marble Arch where you could always find a variety of musicians. Petes band at that point was Battered Ornaments but that association was to end controversionally. However, his reputation was by then assured, due to his songwriting with Jack Bruce, for the legendary Cream.

Meeting for a late lunch at Pissarro’s, I was impressed with how fit Pete looks. He is a keen swimmer and recently swam a number of metres in one session, which I can only dream about!

Music-wise,Pete contributed the majority of the lyrics to Procol Harums “Novum” album, which achieved success earlier this Year. His biog movie,”White Rooms+Imaginary Westerns” is nearing a distribution deal and will feature Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, from Cream and people like Martin Scorsese. As is a documentary featuring the celebrated guitarist Davy Graham-Pete is the host in this film, which includes interviews with myself and the Hastings blues guru Alan King.

An exciting future project is “Cream Unplugged”, which may well offer an opportunity to re-interpret some of those wonderful, timeless Cream songs. Involved in this will be Malcolm Bruce and hopefully, Eric Clapton.

As a Charity gig promoter, I hope to feature Pete live in Hastings soon, his 2015 St Leonards performance is still fondly remembered by all who enjoyed it!

Barry Taylor – October 2017


A Christmas 1960s Happening – Tuesday 22nd December 2015. In aid of Respond Academy & St Michael’s Hospice.

60s Happening 27Nov15 FINALHCP

Barry Taylor… Pete Brown accompanied this time by Malcolm Bruce, son of the legendary Jack Bruce of Cream fame. Pete performed a great set at BareFacedBlues on 4/10 and now he is accompanied by someone of extra special note! Buick 6 are also playing, the finest Delta-blues exponents in the UK these days. Peter O’Donnell is playing Bob Dylan songs…plus much more besides.

Press Release….

1960s CHRISTMAS HAPPENING – DECEMBER 22, DOORS OPEN 7PM St Mary in the Castle, Hastings

in aid of St Michael’s Hospice and Respond Academy

Featuring both internationally known and up and coming performers, this 1960s Happening promises to be a groovy and eclectic musical mix, a fun-filled evening where live opera meets pop; and where talented young musicians at the start of their career get to perform alongside established artists and legends of the ‘60s.

Headlining the event on December 22nd at St Mary in the Castle, Hastings, are Cream lyricist Pete Brown and composer/multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Bruce, who will be performing classic songs from and about the 1960s, and three-piece delta blues band Buick 6.

Pete Brown co-wrote ‘60s hits including White Rooms, Sunshine Of Your Love, and I Feel Free, while Buick 6 comprises three of the UK’s finest musicians – Roger Hubbard on guitar/vocals, Colin Gibson on bass and Steeleye Span’s Liam Genockey on drums.

The 1960s Christmas Happening will be in several parts. Opening the evening will be talented young artists from Respond Academy performing songs from the era. Respond Academy is an alternative education and youth project based in St Leonard’s, enabling young people to gain new skills in music, media and the creative arts. There will also be performances from two talented young vocalists based in Lewes, Florence D’Haemer and Norina Dixon.

Then a short operetta The Telephone, by Gian Carlo Menotti- a romantic comedy performed on a stylish 1960’s set. It stars two young performers Czech singer Gabriela Bohacova and baritone Timothy Patrick. Gabriela began playing piano and singing in an opera group aged 5, and is now a versatile musical performer, while Timothy has performed with numerous opera companies. Frances Rayner (international prize-winner) will provide piano accompaniment.

The second part of the evening will feature live music from a range of artists including singer/songwriter Odette Michell (“…a smartly crafted blend of soulful narrative set against a backdrop of haunting folk/pop rhythms”- RealCity Magazine) who will perform ‘60s covers; The Locomotions, playing their second ever gig – ‘60s funk by The Meters and James Brown; Peter O’Donnell singing songs by Bob Dylan; and west-end performer Rachel McCarron with songs from 1960s musicals.

Headliners Buick 6 and then Pete Brown and Malcolm Bruce will close the evening.

More acts are still to be announced!

The show is directed by Mischa Frankel who is producing the event in partnership with St Mary in the Castle, and has many years of experience in fringe and mainstream theatre.

Michele Frankel is looking for anyone interested in taking to the stage during the intervals and talking about 1960’s memories. Anyone interested please let me know and I will pass on your details.