Pink Floyd – Hastings Pier 20th Jan 1968

Supplied by Peter Fairless Bands On Hastings Pier Facebook page.

Terry Huggins…. Syd Barrett’s last ever gig with the band.

Lawrence Ralph… Does, anybody actually remember attending this, i know 50 years ago, and memories being foggy, was it good or bad from vaguest memories?

Dave Weeks… We still don’t know what happened to Beaufords Image! Anyone?

Clive Millard… Yes certainly do, I was a member of the support band, as you mentioned hazy days my thoughts take me be back sitting with the Pink Floyds technicians using an old fashioned projectors with two pieces of glass adding paint colours, then projecting it on to white sheets covering over there amplifiers, bloody magic

Kevin Burchett… Ive got that cutting on my keyring

Raymond Badgery… Yep, was there that day. We, girlfriend and I, Lived in South London at the time and used to go the Witch Doctor club in St Leonards most Saturdays for dancing? Well that Saturday the club was shut, surprise, as did not why? But note on door said, club shut and have gone to the pier to see Pink Floyd! So we thought why not! Was cheap, and a great evening from what I remember. Drove back in the early hours to friends in Surrey.

Lawrence Ralph… Thanks for the recollections, Clive and Raymond, also wondered if this was one of the rare 5 man Floyd gigs with David Gilmour, helping keeping it together for a disintegrating Syd. Sitting with the Floyds technicians doing the paint projections, wow!, would love to have been there.

Colin Bell… Hi Lawrence, i was there working backstage each week. Yes David Gilmour did play that night & Syd was certainly disintegrating. My lasting memory was of me and Rick Wright the keyboard player standing outside on the Pier deck about an hour before they went on restraining a clearly ‘high’ Syd from jumping off the railings who thought he could fly with the seagulls! It was an interesting night!

Tony Court-holmes… too young

Pat Dargan… I was there too. Last Syd Barrett performance. Tony Court Holmes remember Fortes.

Phil Downer… I was rhythm guitarist and vocalist with support band. Remember having fish and chips in cafe over the road from the pier. Sat up top with the projector guys while Floyd were on. Bit of an education for us lads from Dover! Can only say Pink Floyd improved an awful lot from then on. We carried on for a couple of years and then split into other directions. Happy days.

Paul Cullen… Poor Syd, his last performance before complete breakdown and the only time Floyd had 5 members. Dave Gilmore having Syd’s back. It wasn’t an amazing gig but it was good


The Sounds Summer Rock Show with Wally – Hastings Pier 28th August 1976.


supplied by Mick Mepham

Andre Martin….Saturday 28th August 1976 – It was the Bank Holiday Weekend !

Clifford Rose… I remember the films but not Wally. My first pier gig was T.Rex so the concert was after July 75.

Mick Mepham…. Excellent band Clifford. If memory serves me right, they were touted as the next big thing by someone like Bob Harris…

Martyn Baker… Bob produced the eponymous first album. They were pretty good if you happened to like Eagles-ey country Rock – English-stylee.

Ralph Town… 1976….I was there.Rolling Stones “video” was “Only Rock and Roll”.99% sure.The alcohol means there is a 1% error possibility.

Alan Esdaile…. Great gig Wally were excellent , love them.

Pete Fairless… I’ve got a couple of dates listed for Wally but not this one!

Mick O’Dowd… 1976 was a Saturday(and Mungo Jerry listed) 1975 was a thursday which is much more likely for a gig of this sort but Wally were listed as playing on the 5th September a week later. The plot thickens! Can now confirm it was 1976.

Martin Richter… did a double-take – thought it said *billy graham* !

Pete Fairless… We’ve all seen a few wallies on the pier…

Dave Weeks… I remember Wally. Rick wakeman prodigies and they played at the OGWT road show on the pier

Dave Nattress… Wally a great band, featured and commented on this site before. Definitely saw them at the pier but don’t remember this gig as such, maybe they played twice, I have the first album on vinyl. They came second I believe to Druid in the MM rock contest. Bob Harris produced/managed them. Second album is “Valley Gardens”. Managed to get both on CD a while back, then a mint unused unplaced vinyl of Valley Gardens from the second hand record shop in Sackville Road, Bexhill. Druid also played the pier and I have their two albums on vinyl and CD.

Dave Weeks… Yes I saw them on the pier and bought their 2 albums. I loved Druid too but neither band stood the test of time unfortunately. The old grey whistle test road show on the pier is where I saw Wally (I think) happy days.


Hastings Pier 1968


supplied by Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Jim Breeds….Goodness me! The Floyd *did* play the pier.

Pete Fairless….it was Pink Floyd, Syd’s last gig!

Mick O’Dowd….Ads like this make us remember why we were all sad at its demise. Such memories and such great diverse music too! Sadly a time passed that will not be seen again(well not for 50p a shot)!

Fortunes autographs from Colin Bell and pity he didn’t get Pink Floyds autographs but only Pete Drummond who presented it.

fortunes pete drummond

supplied by Colin Bell

Paul Kilford… love all the old flyers and stuff.