Stray and Snake Eye in support – Hastings Pier 2nd September 1972

Stray (Del Bromham), Hastings Pier 02.09.72 pete fisher

Stray badge, Hastings Pier, 02.09.72 pete fisher

photo and badge supplied by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher…  Photo of Del Bromham from Stray and badge, Hastings Pier 02.09.72

Chris Sambrook… I remember Snake Eye and they were good. Stray played the Pier a few times and managed by Charlie Kray for a while. Guitarist Del Bromham still performs as Stray although not with the original line up, and solo gigs. Check out his Website for further information.

Chris Meachen… Del Bromham playing the somewhat unattractive replacement Gibson firebird after his original reverse model was stolen..

Phil Gill… He must like it – he’s still playing it!

Pete Prescott… I saw them at Dagenham Roundhouse with Dave Morse and Andy Holliday in 1975. All in your mind.

Dennis Torrance… Liked Stray happy memory’s seeing them on the pier.

Dave Weeks… First band I saw on the pier


My first amp by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher… My first amp…Vox AC15 Twin…November 1972… photo 2 Early 60s JMI Vox AC 15 Twin…this is what mine looked like…photo 3 Pueblo,  Hastings, UK, 1973/4 (l-r) me (Vox AC15 below left), Bernard, Roger Photo: Chris Meachen

Nick Patching… My first amp was a linear concord 30 watts valve in 1963

Michael Gibbs… Mine was also a Linear Concord 30


Local Hastings gig tickets 1971 and 1972 from Pete Fisher.

Factory, High School Dance, Hastings 02.04.71 pete fisher

Factory, Sacred Heart Playing Field, Hastings 24.06.72 pete fisher

Factory, Hastings College Dance 27.05.72 pete fisher

supplied by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher… Penny Black, Factory, Tony Kane dj High School Dance 2nd April 1971, Factory Sacred Heart 24th June 1972,  Hastings College Factory, Arctus, Podmore 27th May 1972.

Andy Qunta… So that’s what I was doing on the 24th June! Fabulously hi-tech poster, too!

Phil Gill… I was there!

Pete Fisher – Archive of bands – my musical journey.

Pete Fisher… I’ve been very lucky to have played in a lot of great bands with a host of great musicians over the years, and am fortunate to have a huge archive of past recordings, which (after weeks of sifting and sorting) I’ve compiled into three hours of music here on my SoundCloud page. Of course it all started in Hastings, where I grew up, and started learning guitar when I was 12. My first gig was with a mate as a duo at the Black Horse Folk Club in Telham when I was 14, and the first real band, Black Ash, came together the following year in 1970. Bernard Jeffrey was on drums, Iain Cobby on bass, and Steve (sorry no surname) on vocals. This morphed into Mae West a year or so later, also featuring Bernard but with Roger Carey on bass, and Kev Wood on guitar, who was also a very talented player. This in turn morphed into Pueblo, with just me, Bernard and Roger, and we also had Phil Gill on board for a time – hazy memory of that, have to check my diaries! Quite a few photos of Pueblo, taken by Chris Meachen most of which have been posted here before. I left Hastings in 1974 and moved to London, then in 1979 I moved to Norfolk. Then in 1995 I took the plunge and moved to Cologne, Germany, which is where I finally got my big break in 2001, and actually worked as a pro musician for about eight years. The Far East Band was the backing band for the German reggae artist Gentleman, (although we also backed several other artists), and we did something like 500 gigs with him and a few dozen tv appearances, recorded a live dvd, contributed to two of his albums and even recorded our own album, “Tough Enough”. We toured Europe extensively, including Slovenia, Slovakia and Serbia but also Scandinavia, and also played in Surinam and Morocco, and did two brief tours of California. I left the band in 2008, having decided I’d had enough of touring, and went back to my day job teaching English, which I’d had to do between tours to make ends meet, despite being “pro”. Been working from home now as a freelance translator (German-English) for the last five years, and keeping my hand in (and myself happy) in my home studio here on the outskirts of Cologne. Welcome to my audio archive of live, rehearsal and studio recordings of bands I played in over the years…from tiny rehearsal rooms and village halls, sweaty pub and club gigs, medium-sized and very large concert halls to huge open air festivals…All recordings mastered from original tape/cassette/minidisc/cd to 16-bit 44kHz WAV files. Sound quality ranges from very lo-fi to excellent!

Stuart Moir… Good to look back at all the music memory’s, lots of good times

Sarah Harvey… Love this Pete. Its always fascinating to find out how you things have moved over the years to where you find yourself now. Remember Mae West and Pueblo. One song you did always stuck in my mind…. don’t know why….. Deep Purple – Maybe I’m a Leo. Always an excellent guitarist Pete and was always a pleasure listening to you.

Pete Fisher… Thank you Sarah. Glad you like my post – and great that you remember Mae West and Pueblo! Not sure my guitar playing was that good back then – I think it’s improved a bit over the years! I remember us bravely trying to cover Maybe I’m A Leo – to be honest I was happier jamming on a riff back then, and found it really hard singing and playing at the same time! I have a (lo-fi) recording of us playing it as an instrumental – I’ll see if I can dig it out!

Roger Carey… I have listened to the “Mae West” items (presumably at Kevin Wood’s house) and Pueblo “Morning Fantasy” I think that performance was recorded on Sarah Harvey’s cassette recorder (you and I both had reel to reel machines!), I know I have the whole Ore Centre 1974 session transferred from the cassette to my reel to reel which I think still works! “Morning Fantasy” had a drum solo and back to song etc whole thing must have been over 10 mins when we played it at gigs, (‘play someink we can dance to!”).. Anyway I will listen on and have a look at my early collection. Certainly have duo home recordings of you and I and Pueblo stuff from the Fountain -now a rock venue! Also live stuff from Pier restaurant gig -unfortunately not a good recording! Cheers for now Roger

Pete Fisher… The Mae West jams were indeed at Kev’s house, and I also remember him “daisy-chaining” two AC30s, blowing my AC15 away! I used to borrow my dad’s Philips reel to reel tape machine, and I’d always thought I’d recorded everything from Mae West and Pueblo on that.


Eric Clapton Royal Albert Hall in 1987 and can we trace ‘B’ by Pete Fisher


supplied by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher… It’s not every day you get offered a free ticket to see Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall, and in a VIP box at that…this was indeed the case in early January 1987, when Eric had six concerts scheduled (of which this was the fifth) with a four-piece band – Phil Collins on drums, Nathan East on bass, Greg Phillinganes on keyboards and no less than Mark Knopfler on rhythm guitar. However, heavy snow hit Norfolk and elsewhere that weekend, and my generous benefactor didn’t want to drive down to London, but he said I could borrow his car and take the spare ticket with me. Undaunted, I drove my trusty Mini through the snow-covered countryside from my remote cottage to Norwich, where I picked up the tickets and the drive of the day – an Opel Monza, which was the height of luxury, but a 3-litre rear-wheel drive automatic isn’t the best thing for snow and ice, as I later discovered. Happy that the heater worked and the sound system was good, I headed south for London, a couple of hours drive away, and the snow almost disappeared about halfway there. I found a parking space near the RAH, but as I walked to the venue the snow started coming down thick and fast. A romantic setting indeed, as I stood outside the main entrance about an hour before showtime, hoping someone would buy my spare ticket…half an hour later, just as I was feeling like giving up and starting to feel pretty cold, I heard a woman’s voice shout “Pete! Pete Fisher! I don’t believe it!” A young lady loomed out of the snowy darkness and threw her arms around me…I couldn’t believe it either – it was a girl from my home town Hastings, who I’ll call B, who I hadn’t seen since I left town in 1974, so for almost 13 years. And guess what – she was looking for a ticket! She was there with her best girlfriend, and after sorting out a ticket for her too, B. and me went into the venue and found our VIP box just as Eric hit the stage…the concert was magic, and I have to admit getting all dewy-eyed when he did Wonderful Tonight…I drove the girls back to their pad after the gig, and spent most of the night talking and drinking coffee…after emotional farewells and promising to keep in touch, I clambered back into the Manta and headed for home. By this time the snow lay thick evrywhere, and I saw a bus do a complete pirouette, reminding me to go easy on the gas. I slithered and slid out of London, and returned the car to its now rather worried owner around daybreak…I got into the Mini, now almost totally covered with snow, but it fired up first time and got me home safely…I snow-ploughed the last few miles along narrow lanes, and the tiny wipers couldn’t cope, so I had to stick my head out of the side window to see where I was going…24 hours later all you could see of my Mini was the radio aerial with a red flag on it to warn the snow ploughs…I was snowed in with my dog Blake for the next week, which is when I wrote “Where Are You Now”. B. had been my teenage crush for years, but she was now spoken for, as they say…I did go down to Hastings with her not long after, and we also went to see Bruce Springsteen at Wembley Stadium and Tina Turner at Wembley Arena together, but I lost touch with her around 1990…where are you now?

Can’t Stand The Heat – Cassette 1987


supplied by Pete Fisher featuring Pete Fisher, Robert Masters & Chris Hawkins

Link to tracks & other bands …

Pete Fisher…Can’t Stand The Heat Where Are You Now – Kitchen Studios 1987. My home-made cassette cover…if you look closely, on the right you might recognize Hastings harbour with my guitar floating above it, and on the left is the guitar I used to play in Pueblo back in 72-74, picture in my bedroom in Quarry Road…our house was called “Rockholme”..

Alan Esdaile… Interesting mix on the above link which includes Mae West and Pueblo from 1974.

Keeping it Reel (to Reel) with Pete Fisher

14142028_10154565474533258_6896054778698625026_n 14141607_10154565475378258_2140949468165813926_n

supplied by Pete Fisher

Pete Fisher… keeping it reel (to reel)…new arrival, just rescued from a friend’s basement, cleaned it up and it seems to run fine… I was using tape in my home studio until about two years ago, when my 8-track started showing signs of age. Now I use a hard disk recorder. My bulging archive includes old reel to reel tapes going back to 1972, which I made copies of about 20 years ago using two tape decks and different speeds, as neither of them ran at the right speed. This one has 17/8 ips, which is what I recorded at back in the day, so the copy quality might now be better…several reels feature rehearsals and jams with Bernard Jeffery and Roger Carey in our bands Mae West and Pueblo, at various locations in Hastings…will keep you all posted!

Alan Esdaile… Anyone else still got a reel to reel?

Peter Millington… I still have 2, a Sony TV252w in perfect order. 3 speeds, 1 7/8, 3 1/2, and 7 1/2. My first was a Phillips in 1959, a great little machine and very portable. It had the capability of being able to accept a guitar or bass guitar into the amplifier section and a 3″ speaker, that was the first amplification of the Confederates in 1961/2. After that I had a larger Stella machine. I think you can understand why I don’t have many records LOL

Pueblo – 1973/1974

img771 img773

img774 img772

photo by Chris Meachen from Roger Carey Collection.

Pete Fisher Guitar & Vocals, Bernard Jeffery Drums and Roger Carey bass.

Sarah Harvey… Only last week I attended an AGM of a local support group I am involved in and it was held at Bexhill Youth and Community Centre. First time I have been in that building since the 1970s when I went went to see Pueblo play…. I seem to remember great performance by Pueblo but the audience of the Youth Club that night were rather difficult to please. I was talking to some people about that gig at the AGM and just reflecting that the hall looked very much the same.

Pete Fisher… thanks to Chris Meachen for taking these back then, and to Roger Carey for sharing them, especially as I only have the photo of Rog bottome right – maybe Chris could confirm, but I’m pretty sure the top (group) photo is Ore Centre, 1974. The bottom row of photos is (according to my little red book) Kev Blackman’s party at the Langham P.H., December 1973. And for Sarah Harvey, I only have one gig listed at Bexhill Youth Centre, on 21st December, 1972, which must have been Pueblo’s previous incarnation, Mae West, featuring Kev Wood.

Sarah Harvey… Could have been Mae West I saw Pete Fisher , I only remember seeing you Roger and Bernie…. I stand corrected. And yes, it does seem to be Ore centre… I recognise the curtains 🙂

Alan Esdaile… Sadly nothing as yet on Mae West. A couple of other bits Roger lent me on Pueblo but I think Pete Fisher has posted these before. This one says Langtham Hotel 1973 on the back. Butch were Dave Garland, Dennis Wootton & Cliff Wootton.

img783  img782

supplied by Roger Carey

Andy Qunta… Don’t know what kind of bass that is, but in that guy’s hands it would have sounded good!

Colin Fox… It looks like a left handed Burns

Sarah Harvey… Rogers left-handed Burns is legendary….stayed with him through almost a decade.

Yvonne Cleland… Dave Garland turned up at Will’s 60th birthday do recently.

Steve Kinch… Fabulous pics!

Iain Cobby… Its a Burns Trisonic 4 string bass Andy, the tuners were too small to get a standard set of bass strings in as I remember! Probably worth a fortune now. I had a red one, it came from Smiths second hand emporium in the high street.

Phil Gill… Dodgy looking buggers. I wouldn’t buy a used car from any of ’em.