Kult – Hastings Pier 10th August 1968 and photo around 1969



Cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey,  photo supplied by Robert Searle

With Sunshine, Robert Searle, Pete O’Driscoll and John Hales.

Geoff Peckham... An evocative picture! I was young at the time but this band made a strong impression on me. Sunshine had that incisive Led Paul sound and Pete a strong stage presence. The pic encapsulates how I remember them.

Sarah Harvey… This Day August 10th, 1968. Another appearance locally, this time on the pier.

The Kult – No Home Today 1969

The Kult’s only single, on CBS Records, 1969. Recorded in Pye #2 Studios in Marble Arch, London in 1969, the A side was written by producer Vic Maile. B side ‘Mister Number One’ was written by Richard Melhuish and Pete O’Driscoll. The Kult were based in the Bexhill-on-Sea area of Sussex, and included Richard Melhuish (guitar), brothers Pete & Mike O’Driscoll (vocals & bass, respectively), and John Hales (drums). Bassist Robert Searle replaced Mick O’Driscoll when he took over management.

Alan Esdaile… Hi Robert, I remember seeing this band a number of times and they were very good. This singles still sounds strong. Did the band or the brothers live in a house near Ninfield and the only way to get to the house was over a field? I think we brought an amp from them once?

Pete Fairless….Yeah, I like it. Did they ever play on the Pier?

Robert Searle….I lived at the O’Driscoll home at Moor Hall Ninfield. The Kult played the pier a number of times.

Andy Knight….Diversion supported Kult, AK Drums, Digger Rosewell Voc, Jeff Peckam Bass and Dai Harding Gtr

Tony Court-holmes….hartnells on hastings seafront next to courts on thursday nights

Alan Esdaile Johnny Mason…I saw them at Hartnells and other places, I was probably only about 15 or 16. The group ‘The Town Council’ manager Harry (father of the drummer Brian ‘Bear’) used to organise coach trips to follow ‘Town Council’ and see other bands in the area. Saw a few bands play in Ninfield.

Andy Knight….I remember TC, Bob Shipway Bass (joined Shaft later), Chris ? Gtr, Pete Robertson (married Gloria) Voc, Bear (Williams?) Drums)

Phil Gill…. really like this Kult song, it has that real trippy 60s thing going on. Nice find.

Rickie….Saw the original guitarist posted on a band from the States that covered the song. Worth checking out! The Underclassmen – No Home Today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkAaibqvKxA

Geoff Peckham…. loved The Kult and saw them a few times. Had the single too. As a Cream fan at the time, I enjoyed their covers (Spoonful etc.) and long improvised passages. The guitarist was pretty good and was nicknamed Sunshine, wasn’t he? Also remember well the gig with them in Ninfield very well, Andy K. Dai’s farewell to us I believe. We did another one there with Min and Mark Anderson. Totally improvised in the middle of the hall. What days!

Chris Baker….Andy Knight:  I completely lost touch with Bob Shipway after he married and moved to Bexhill, as far as I remember.  A year or so after the band(s) we were in split. He was a great bass player back then. Hope he kept it up. Are you still in touch with him.

Dave Nattress….Now…here’s a thing.  Saw the Kult around Bexhill a lot when I was 15/16/17 – best ever gig was the De La Warr Pavilion – about 1970 when they supported the progressive legends T2.  Anyone else remember this?  T2 most famously known for “It’ll All Work Out In Boomland”.  Paul Freeman was on drums for The Kult by then I think.  Check out “Boomland” on the web.  Delighted to say I’ve got it on vinyl and 3 copies of the CD issued at various times.  Kult were really good.

Andy Qunta….I remember seeing T2, & pretty sure it was this same gig with the Kult. Loved both those bands! I seem to remember T2 had a song called Eyes of Blonde.

Geoff Peckham….Yes, I saw T2 at the De La Warr too. Brilliant band. Andy, I think Eyes of Blonde was the name of a really good band whom I saw in Battle and at the Cobweb; at least one of those gigs with you as we were impressed with a Byrd’s song they did and began covering ourselves

The Kult – photo and Occult demo – around 1969


supplied by Kerry Derbyshire

Pete  O’Driscoll, Richard Melhuish, John Hale, Robert Searle.

Unreleased demo by the Kult, recorded in Pye #2 Studios in Marble Arch, London in 1969. Written by Richard Melhuish and Pete O’Driscoll. Produced by Vic Mail.

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supplied by Kerry Derbyshire

Alan Esdaile… Excellent band, loved The Kult.

Robert Searle… Proud to have been a member of The Kult.

Dave Nattress… Kult have been referred to on and off on SMART for a while now and rightly so. Kult were indeed really excellent. I was 16 in 1969, left school that Summer, you did too Jaffa! Saw Kult many times around Bexhill area around that time. Mallet Hall, (London Road traffic lights), The Granville, and best one of all for me, supporting T2 at the De La Warr. Thinking back so long ago, there were of course so very few bands around, especially those playing heavy/progressive rock. This set them apart and it’s a shame they didn’t make it big. When I discovered SMART, one of the bands I hope would come out of the memories was Kult and I’m delighted that we have not only a good few photo’s but also some sound recordings.