Head On plus Missing Persons – Queens Hotel 1st December 1979

supplied by Mick Mepham and Pete Prescott

featuring Pete Prescott, Andy Qunta, Tony Qunta, Steve Kinch and Mark Thirsk.

Pete Prescott… I remember this gig. I was very nervous. They were amazing players. Nice guys as well.

Andy Qunta… I vaguely remember it too! Pete did a great job! Unfortunately I think it was the last gig we did. Couldn’t fight punk rock with prog rock! Fun while it lasted though!

Tony Qunta… I remember it too. A line up with great potential!

Ernest Ballard… Great band saw them a few times before I started playing drums (wink wink ). Long time ago now

Pete Prescott… We played a gig at a boutique in London. After the gig I got really drunk on punch (dangerous stuff). We got back to Hastings in time for me to go to work. The green cross code man was there. Huge guy. That was (I think) the last gig. Mark was an amazing drummer. Brilliant players. I felt out of my depth. I remember loving Tony’ s voice on “only you”. I’ve still got a tape of songs like “the burning of Atlanta” it was great being in the band with guys like that. And they were so funny.

Steve Kinch… Yes Pete, absolutely agree, Mark was a fabulous drummer with a great sense of humour.

Tony Qunta… Great memory Pete! Yes the green cross code man – was he in Star Wars or something? Thank you for your lovely comments about the band. Your vocals were fantastic with the band – it’s a shame the band didn’t keep going!  ‘Dinosaur Promotions’!

Steve Kinch… David Prowse – He was only Darth Vader!!!!  Great times! Hastings in the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s was the pefect environment for young musicians learning their craft. With hindsight, the late 70’s wasn’t exactly a good time to be attempting to get a “prog” band off the ground

Andy Qunta… True, Steve, but it was fun trying! Listening to the old tapes makes me feel it was well worth it! Pretty darn good stuff!

Sergeant featuring Pete Prescott – 1980’s poster and rare video

supplied by Pete Prescott. video supplied by Kevin Burchett

Pete Prescott… I remember four days in the mountains filming with two helicopters. we had an amazing time. Sadly the result (a 40 minute documentary on us making a video) was absolute crap !
We were filmed in hockey stadiums and night clubs and the local police chief was our driver in the car chase. Great stuff ! We were taken to the top of a mountain and filmed sledding down it. My arse was frozen after an hour of that ! I remember the buzz when the helicopter took off really fast. it was brilliant.
What was less brilliant was not realising they were going to do acrobatics.I was in it screaming my head off.
Terrible 40 minutes but fun to film. this was the video. Good memories.

What Albums will you give 10 out out of 10

Untitled 3

Pete Prescott… How many albums are 10/10 ? (In our opinions of course ! )
So many have one or two good songs and the rest won’t score. I remember an American guy from Aura records who wanted to sign Sergeant said “we hear a hit with “upside down” the rest of the album is run of the mill. Ok but nothing special…and your album cover is shit plus it will need a total re mix !” Ouch ! My ones (to be added to later in no particular order).
Innervisions (Stevie Wonder), Blue (Joni Mitchell), Highway (Free), Led Zeppelin 2,
The beautiful ballads (Nat King Cole), Night train (Oscar Peterson), Montrose (Montrose),
Muddy water blues (Paul Rodgers), Five leaves left (Nick Drake), Abbey road (The Beatles),
Dark side of the moon (Pink Floyd), Sound of music (sorry! Every song !), Songs for swinging lovers (Frank Sinatra), Songs in the key of life (Stevie Wonder), Aretha Franklin’s greatest hits (Aretha Franklin), Live At The Filmore (Allman Brothers Band), Aja (Steely Dan). 
I know the greatest hits isn’t an album. But chime on Aretha ! More to follow !

Janet Rennie.. Aladdin Sane, Rumours, Tapestry, High tides and green grass The stones, Every picture tells a story.

Liane Carroll… The nightfly Donald Fagen xx

Ernest Ballard… Made in Japan (purple), Hotel California.

Dave Valentine… Velvet Underground and Nico.

Peter Fairless… Heaven Up Here, Echo & The Bunnymen. Ocean Rain usually gets a better rating but I prefer Heaven Up Here

Peter Howard… Tim Buckley Greetings From LA, Arthur Lee & Love, Forever Changes, Lou Reed, Transformer, David Bowie , Hunky Dory.

Mick O’Dowd… Definately “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye

Alan McCleave… Moving pictures and rumours

Alan Esdaile… Definitely Rumours and Tapestry, also Deja Vu CSNY, Grace Jeff Buckley and Paul Jones Privilege soundtrack.

Alan Pepper… Automatic for the people R.E.M, Innervisions Stevie Wonder, New boots and panties Ian Dury, Abbey Road Beatles, What’s going on Marvin Gaye, The Queen is  dead The Smiths. Every track a winner !

Dave Nattress… wow what a question! Inspired by Pete Prescott’s list, many of which I have, Dark Side for sure, Fire and Water – Free, Blue – Joni Mitchell, Revolver and most of the earlier Beatles albums, You wear it well – Rod Stewart, Black Sabbath’s first, several by Joe Jackson, maybe Stepping Out, Nude by Camel, Can’t buy a thrill – Steely Dan, Argus – Wishbone Ash, A Walk across the rooftops and Hats by The Blue Nile, Scouting for girl’s – First. That’s it!! I have to stop it’ll go on all night. Oh and sorry!! Who’s Next has got to be in the line up. Right I’m going now – for now.

Pete Prescott… Additions now I’m looking ! In rock (deep purple) Burn (deep purple) In the red (Tina Dino- check this out its brilliant !) Thriller (Michael Jackson) Turnstiles (Billy Joel) Nick of time (bonnie Raitte) Back to black (Amy Winehouse) Abraxas (santana) Santana 3 (santana) Dream of the blue turtles (sting) The pretender (Jackson brown) Teaser and the firecat (cat Stevens) Brother to brother (Gino Vannnelli ) Argos (wishbone ash) House on the hill (audience -brilliant album) On and on (Stephen Bishop – I over played this one. What an album!) Birdsong (Eva cassidy) Live and dangerous (thin lizzy) Rickie Lee Jones (1st album) Revolver (Beatles) Nat king Cole sings (with the nat king cole trio) Unforgettable with love (Natalie cole – the tribute album to nat.amazing!) I can pay all these albums and listen to every track ! A few more to follow.  It has to be every track ! I’ll post 7/8 out of ten albums later.

Graham Belchamber… Born to Run

Martin Richter… when the Crypt (re)opened in 1984 we played 2 albums back-to-back at lunchtimes (those were the days!) – Eden by EBTG and Sade`s Diamond Life – class albums! (until “Working Nights” by Working Week came along

Dave Valentine… I’d also add Three Feet High And Rising by De La Soul. It’s the Revolver of hip hop. I should also probably mention Revolver, too.

Mike Curtis… Aja, Disraeli Gears, Odyssey and Oracle, Argus, Close To The Edge.

Alan McCleave… Gaucho! The royal scam, nightfly stayed with me for years and years.

Pete Prescott – Loose Ends Album 7th April 2006

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supplied by Pete Prescott

Loose Ends released 7th April 2006. A semi-acoustic collection of songs written over the last 28 years. Recorded during 2005/6 at Rock Lane Studios with Paul Sinden and featuring the following guest musicians: Claire Hamill, Phil Gill, Phil Hudson, Paul Sinden, Mike Hatchard.

Reservoir Cats – Hastings Beach Concert 2004

img253 rc 3 rc 5

rc 7 rc11

rc 2  rc 9 rc 6

© Eddie Hazell Estate . 

Phil Gill guitar, Pete Prescott vocals, Terry Pack guitar, Pete Shaw drums, Jo Brooks keyboards.

Pete Shaw… I’ve still got those shorts, that top and the kit! I must have cleaned it as the gold snare hoops don’t have any lager stains or crisp leftovers……

Alan Esdaile… are these the famous shorts from ‘Harry R & The Jump Jets’?

Pete Shaw… An updated pair carefully tailored for the fuller man….!

Pete Prescott… hot day as i recall !

Pete Prescott (commenting on Jo Brooks) that is one serious shirt !(good coming from me ha ha !) lovely fella.

Reservoir Cats – When We Were Young CD – 2001

img791 img792 img793

img794 img797 img798

supplied by Pete Prescott


supplied by Rod Smith

featuring Terry Pack, Phil Hudson, Rick Pentecost, Pete Prescott and Pete Shaw

Leigh Wieland Boys… Good pic Peter – which black & white photo is of you?

Pete Shaw… Have a guess….!!

Leigh Wieland Boys…  ….hmmmm, now let me see, eeny meeny miney mow……just going to scrutinise them ….Ok, think it is the fifth one?

Pete Prescott… Don’t tell him pike ! They have to guess ! A lot of people point to your photo when they look for me !

Pete Shaw… Haha Pete…! So many people had difficulty getting it right! Come on Leigh Not no 5…! 4 to go….

Leigh Wieland Boys… Should have known…sitting in the car, you’ve always had a thing about toy cars!

Pete Shaw…  🙁 + 🚘 = happy 6 year old in my favourite pedal car…had it years and swooped it for a pedal bike! Photo taken in the rear garden of our house in Shelley Crescent in Hounslow

Phil Gill… This was one of two CDs in 2001 that I made absolutely no contribution to whatsoever, but still got a mention in the liner notes.

Pete Prescott… You were a kitten I guess you played with us on gigs Phil Hudson couldn’t play on. I find it hard listening to this album. We had used or time up at the studio. I had to go in with a voice weakened by gigs and had literally a couple of hours one afternoon to do all the vocals. I just sang it thru from track one till the end. I didn’t have time to repair parts that were really bad. As I went through it my voice was getting weaker. I can hear it getting worse. But the playing is great. Phil Hudson played some stunning guitar ! Great sales job on the album ha ha !
I bet the few people that have it are digging it out to check how bad the vocals are !

Alan Esdaile… you still did a great version of Burlesque Pete

Lies – The Chatsworth Hotel 1980

1. JAN 13th 1980 - LIES 13. 27th jan 1980 lies

16. 2nd march 1980 lies

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… Some familiar names from March 2nd, 1980. Pete Prescott , Kevin Hoad, Ray Fenwick, Terry Pack Tony Bird .

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

Terry Pack… I remember those Sunday gigs. I enjoyed that band.

Robert Searle… I wished i had seen that band

Pete Prescott… We didn’t gig that much. I remember doing Stevie Wonder ‘ s loves in need of love today. A few Chatsworth gigs and it was done.

Peter Millington… I was there, great band and venue

Terry Pack… Sunday lunchtimes. Kevin used to joke that nobody would come to the gigs because people would think it was all lies.

Tim Anderson… And the support act….Post Truth.

Phil Gill… They later changed their name to Alternative Facts.

Sarah Harvey… Peter Prescott !!! How posh ☺

Mick O’Dowd… That’s alot of Lies!

Beatles Day 5 – Hastings Pier 4th April 2004.


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photos supplied by: http://www.hastingsbeatlesday.org.uk

Pete Prescott… I remember this well. This was our first year in the pier. We didn’t know how it would go. So many people showed up we were instantly worried about going over capacity. Luckily it was a glorious day and people started sitting outside soaking up the sun.they had their programmes and came into see the acts It was packed all day as people came and went (around 2000) I remember Eric Roche trying to tune up in the dressing room as some young children charged around laughing and having fun (one of them was my daughter). He was great about it as he had his first child himself and understood. He went on stage and was stunning. We went on to have another two years there. There were 38 acts on all day.

Steve Cooke… Ah, Eric. Still sadly missed.

Chris Barrett…  It was great on the pier. It was easy to wander around and see everyone. I didn’t remember it as being only 3 years in there though. Happy memories 😀

Ernest Ballard… You can still wander around on the pier. Just not so warm in winter Chris.