Pete Prescott – Guitar Man


supplied by Pete Prescott

Andy Qunta….That’s a Rock Star!

Steve Kinch….Part of me wants to click “Like”… the other part of me worries about what “‘er in the kitchen” might think if I do :/ Seriously though, good shot! One for the hallway.

Pete Prescott….i remember it being taken.wish i was that age now.although im happier now than i have ever would i swop . . . ? nah !

Pete Prescott & Rick Pentecost – The Christmas Song 1989

Neil Cartwright…..This was recorded live at Rick Pentecost’s house in Priory Road (?), using a TASCAM 4-track. It was part of a Christmas music project we ran when I worked at Hastings College. I’ve got quite a few more tracks, involving people like Jez Gillet, John Laidlaw, John Ballard, Anna Madge, Jilly Linn and Dave Roberts. There are a number of original songs, including an original from Roger and Liane. Really, I’d like to post them, say, one a day or so, like a musical Advent Calendar, but I think I’d need people’s permission first …..…. so, anybody out there saying ‘yes, you can’ …. it would be really nice.

Alan Esdaile….Great idea Neil.

Pete Prescott….i remember recording the tracks.a lot of fun ! first time i met rick.still the sweetest guy.we did a song of mine (christmas morning i think ) john ballard sang the little boy that santa claus forgot.

Pete Prescott…..’Christmas Morning’ I wrote that for the project,not heard it in years.

If anyone’s interested in these songs, please email me and I will pass on to Neil.

Sergeant with Pete Prescott – Moving video 1984



Phil Gill….First thing I thought when I watched it was, “Don’t let him drive, don’t let him drive, don’t le…” and then the wheel fell off.

Pete Prescott….its my magoo pose ! this is a still from a video sergeant made for a track called movin.the video is on u tube.bloody awful ha ha !

Andy Qunta….Has his driving face on too!