Alan Jensen Disc Jockey Record Shop with one half of Peter & Gordon.


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Jim Hobbs…..Cool photo

Andre Martin…..This was taken in the old shop in Queens Road, does anybody recall the name of the young lady in the picture, she worked in the shop.

Jim Breeds…. Cool picture, still have all my 7″ singles, including “World Without Love”. Please lock me away

Mick Knights….Nice to see that Alan made the effort to tidy up the counter before the vist. Still have a few “I love big Al” dust covers. Does anyone remember the cartoons that Alan used to draw and put in the shop window to illustrate new single releases, I particulary recall one, where a performer was between two electric sockets and neither the guitar or amp lead would reach, the single was of course Elvis Presley and surrender!

Alan Esdaile….Your right Mick, a bit of a mess but I bet Alan knew where everything was. I was one of those customers that would go in and ask for something bizarre that I’ve just heard on Radio Luxembourg but Alan always managed to track down and get what I wanted. His music knowledge and memory was great and likewise the same can be said about Jack London.

Jim Breeds….Have you seen the video of Jack in his shop talking to a customer?

Alan Esdaile…. did post it awhile ago but will post again, as interesting for new people here.

Andre Martin…..Two great record shops and characters within a few yards of each other – we were so lucky.

Jim Breeds….We were indeed.