The Tuxedos 1962 and 1988

photos © Eric Upton

Robin Grooves, Peter (Jonah) Jones, Paul Burton, Don Climpson, Eric Upton

Martin Richter… fantastic

Richard Holgarth… Dallas Tuxedo guitars as well…don’t see those too often.

Michaela Audette… Thanks for posting. Today is my Dad’s birthday – Don Climpson. I remember going to the pier and seeing him play for the 80’s show. It is nice to see 60’s and 80’s pics side by side. Thanks again.

The Talismen – 1987 Hastings Pier big beat reunion.


supplied by Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

The TALISMEN (Chris Sayer, Henry Harvey, Peter Head and Peter (Jonah) Jones playing at the 1987 Pier Big Beat Reunion.

Jenny Tyler… I was there.

Colin Fox… Does anyone know if Peter Head is still about? He must have retired from Hastings police some years ago.

Peter Millington… Hi Colin, Pete is still about but has now retired from “Sleight of Hand” and I believe he’s doing some gigs with his Sister. He did a “cracking” musical tribute to Paul Burton along with several other groups, acts at his “wake” on 3rd February last, at the East Hastings Angling Club. He’s certainly not wearing Blue any more!

Colin Fox… Hi Peter. Glad to hear he is still playing.