SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell. Reviewing Peter Sarstedt England’s Lane CD.

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ENGLAND’S LANE Peter Sarstedt

Say Peter’s name and inevitably most peoples thoughts go immediately to ‘Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)’. No 1 in fourteen countries, multi million seller and all time classic. However that mega hit is just a fraction of the timeless, beautiful haunting songs that have poured out of Peter over 5 decades.
‘England’s Lane’ was originally released in 1997 and is now available remastered on this Angel Air release.
Right from the opening title track the unique vocal could not be mistaken for anybody other than Peter. His phrasing, wit, humour, emotion and ability to paint pictures and take you to places are truly art. Listening to ‘Biarritz’
‘British Museum’ ‘Castles in Spain’ and the glorious ‘Spanish Made Easy’ are virtually cinematic experiences. Ray Davies is the only other singer I can think of that masters that ability (Village Preservation Society being a prime example). Peter’s wistful warm honey coated voice seeps into your conscience, stays there and makes the world a better place for 45 minutes and these days we could all do with that.
Whether tackling his skiffle roots on ‘All Together Now’ (with Albert Lee on guitar) or revisiting Marie-Claire on the closing track ‘The Last Of The Breed’ this remains, for me, one of his finest albums. And as a closing thought get a copy of his debut album which contains the wonderful ‘I Am A Cathedral’ and the FULL version of WDYGTML which they NEVER play on the radio!

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Tony Davis… I’ve always liked Peter’s music and bought this album when it came out in 1997. It was always a regret that I never saw Peter in concert doing a full set rather than just on the Sixties packages. Peter has now retired from the music business because of ill health so any chance has now gone. There is a live DVD recorded in 2004 I think called Live at the Crooked Billet but I’ve never been able to find a copy of that. If anyone has one that they want to part with or provide me with a loan of that would be great. I agree with what Colin says about his first album – a great piece of singer/songwriter pysch.

Colin Bell… Tony D, im not sure if they have it in stock but try for the DVD you are after. If no luck im in touch with Peter and happy to see if a can get a copy.

Tony Davis… Colin – tried Charly but they don’t seem to have it. If you could get me a copy that would be great thank you.