Hastings Live Music Files – Seafront July, August 1997

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Liane Carroll

popular beat combo img314

Popular Beat Combo 12th July 1997 featuring Dave Blackman, Roger Carey, Rick Pentecost and Stephen Demetri.

img321 indigo

Indigo featuring Jez Gillett, Clive Vic, Dave Carlisle, Wendy Small and Steve Hunnisett.

jazz tackle

Jazz Tackle  featuring Keith Baxter and ?

all photos supplied by Phil Little  Hastings Music Files, some credited to John Kenward  http://littledrum.co.uk

R.N.L.I. Beach Concert – August 1997


photos by Phil Little. Hastings Music Files.  littledrum.co.uk

  1. Pass The Cat Steve Riv & Colin Gibson. 2. Go Bear Go Tim & James. 3. Liane Carroll and Nana Tsiboe. 4. Johnny Panic.

Nigel Ford… I’ve played a track by Johnny Panic on my Heavy Rock Show on Hastings Rock Radio in the past.

Mick O’Dowd… Is Tracy Shipley and her husband still about. They also had the Carlisle back in the 70’s.

Eric Harmer… Tracy is still with us, sadly her husband died .

Royal Sussex Arms – December 1994, Revelation, Mosaic, The Pullbacks.


supplied by Phil Little. Hastings Music Files. http://littledrum.co.uk

Mick O’Dowd… Isn’t that the chemists now?

Alan Esdaile… Yes that’s right Mick. Used to go in the pub after The Round Table Youth Club. Probably a glass of scruppy cider between six people!

Mick O’Dowd… Now you can go in the chemist for pain relief for the hangover!

Climax Blues Band plus Joe’s Blooze Band – Hastings Pier 9th May 1998 – poster & review

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photos by John Kenward supplied by Hastings Music Files – Phil Little http://www.littledrum.co.uk

David Evans… Looks like the photographer tried to get the whole band in the photo but couldn’t get it right.

Alan Esdaile… Nice one David.

Colin Fox… Johnny Sax live just up the road from me here in Spain. He used to play with Climax Blues Band. Very popular in the clubs and bars.


photo Colin Fox

Ken Russell… Great band.

Man with Deke Leonard – Yorkshire Grey St Leonards 1992

Deke Leonard relaxing before the gig  – Photo Phil Little http://www.littledrum.co.uk/lightfromdarkness.html

Who remembers this gig?

Kevin Sherwood… Another one i missed but saw him on the pier with Man and Iceberg. A brilliant guitarist and author and unless I’m dreaming saw him in Mr Cherries with Mickey Jones sometimes in the 1980’s.

Phil Little… They played in Mr Cherry’s in 1991 before doing two gigs at The Yorkshire Grey in 1992

Kevin Sherwood… Cheers couldn’t remember quite when but they were great.

Gerry Fortsch… I remember having a few drinks and stuff with him a few years ago, I think it was at the Round House when my mates Nektar were playing.

Jan Warren… Aaaaawwww, blesss gorgeous man

Phil Little… The photo was taken in the office at Light From Darkness Studios in the basement of the Old Observer Building. The band stayed there before and after the gig.

Alan Esdaile… Here’s Phil talking about it recently…

Yvonne Cleland… Man played the Yorkshire Grey?! Wow!

Sandy Max… My mate Deke…went to a party with the band after; they were always great fun! Next time they came down he saw me arrive and called out “look out, here comes trouble!” Cue a very red-faced me heading for the bar!

John Martyn with Phil Little & Joe Rytlewski. Day after the Beach Concert 1991.

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photos © Eddie Hazell Estate 

Tony Court-holmes….i was there well missed

Jim Breeds….I love that man.

Yvonne Cleland… That looks a bit like Monkey on the bongos.

Chris Baker… Was never a big fan. He lived just up the road from me in Cobourg Place. However, Bev Martin was an angel. An amazing voice that never got the limelight it deserved. I played with her a couple of times and she was one of the sexiest jazz / blues singers I’ve ever known. I always swore he copied my Watkins Copycat techniques!

John Wilde… John was a brilliant guitarist with a unique technique. In life he was a violent angry man capable of a heartfelt sensitivity when he performed. I worked for him for two years touring europe. Rock on John. Beverley is super talented and still playing. She is a beautiful woman whose career was cut short by pregnancy and Johns refusal to allow her to work. She lives in Hove. She has a website which you can subscribe to. A wise lady.

Alan Esdaile… Always got on well with John Martyn but your right about Beverley being talented, should have been a lot bigger in her own right.

Lauren Gower… Was just listening to John Martyn…spooky.

Gerry Fortsch… Nice guy, so sad.

Mick Hawksworth R.I.P. 28th January 2017.


supplied by Phil Little

Phil Little… Absolutely bereft to hear that Mick Hawksworth passed away this morning. Only twelve months ago he was sitting in with Mick Bolton trio at The Hastings Arms. Mick was a fantastic player with an immense pedigree going back to Andromeda who I first heard in 1969 on John Peel’s Top Gear. His grandest years were with Alvin Lee and drummer Tom Compton in Ten Years Later. At the end of the 70’s Mick and I teamed up with Mickey Jones in The Flying Pigs and the picture is from an early gig at The George Canning in Brixton. This is leaving a massive hole in my and many others lives because he was such a great person. For years he ferried me and my drums around in his multi coloured panel Ford Cortina with never once a wince or a moan. God bless you and Rest In Peace my brother.

Kathy & Sheri Berry… What incredibly sad news to have only learnt today of Mick’s passing Still in shock. So many memories flooding around. We think we will always be around to get in touch when we get around to it. Time passes and then it’s too late. So sad too that Mick played at Hastings Arms only recently. Down the road and I missed you dear Mick !! Only we know what we shared.
Deepest sympathy to Mick’s family for your sad loss. An amazing person and talented musician.
With love. Kathy and Sheri Berry xxx.