Jeda – Bexhill Band 1986 and Forcefield write up and local gigs.

Phill Wood – Vocals, Steve Spencer – Guitar, Malcolm Leeves – Keyboards, Brian Barker – Bass, Rick Portsmouth – Drums. Never fulfilled their potential. Where are they now?


Cutting supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott… I remember Jeda.

MM0SDK… Surely this is the same “talented keyboard player and vocalist” Malcolm Leaves who is still missing to this day. Went missing in 2006 from his home in Bexhill On sea, East Sussex? So sad. Where are you Malcolm.

Dave Weeks… Norman Norman at the Royal Sovereign. Happy days.

Morgan Le Fay – Hastings Pier top deck – 27th April 1984


supplied by Reg Wood

Morgan Le Fay were: Phill Wood – Vocals, Jon Parnham – Guitars, Simon Calland – Bass, Joey Lee – Drums, John Kinson – Keyboards. This was from the last demo that they recorded before going their separate ways.

Reg Wood… Posted by Phill but I have the poster!

Mark Harris… My partner’s son, Joe Lee was the drummer

Minstrel’s Rest… How is Joey? I haven’t seen him for years…Phill (I was the singer)

Mark Harris… He’s fine, these days plays in a band called Suspect, you’ll find them on FB!

Mandy Wright… Remember them well .. xx

Joe Lee… I wish i new where i left the leather jacket, i still have the T-shirt in an old disc jockey bag from Queens road.