Early photo of Colin Bell on a dog? on Hastings Pier!

supplied by Colin Bell

Angie Pilbeam… I remember that..not Colin…..the ‘dog’. I think theres one of me somewhere on if not that dog..another one. I’ll hunt through some photos in the week.the other thing was a photographer taking photos & then hoping your parents would buy the pictures.in my case it was grandparents.

supplied by Angie Pilbeam

Stephanie Blackledge… so do I! Photo opportunity? there’s definately one of me on a similar dog

Andy Qunta… Adorable!

Janet Rennie… Side saddle

Pete Brazier… That dog was originaly an elephant!

Chris Jolly… Lockdown diet!

Pete Brazier… no damage from years of kids pulling it’s trunk and ears. This is the one from the 50’s, will post the one of me on the early 60’s one that was turned into the dog when I find it lol!

supplied by Pete Brazier

Elaine Stock… So Animals lived on the pier before!

Martin Stoggell… t’s the feet a dead giveaway.

Chris Jolly… Can you make a trunk call to confirm that?

John Sydes… Much better than a gold lion, much more tasteful.

Colin Gibson… So this is where Gulzar got the idea

Maggie Geary… Very strange looking dog indeed ….. ha ha

Mick O’Dowd… Oh dear I remember these. Was the donkey situated near the Sun Lounge (now Azur) on the top prom? I had a pic taken on it in the 50’s. I think it was Gifford Boyd.

Sparrow Baker… I remember it. Bugger !!!

Colin Doherty… Sparrow, me too!

Chriss Hollinrake… Ha!! But you can’t remember what you went into the kitchen for

Chris Baker… Riding sidesaddle, posh!

Jim Breeds… Q: Why would you put a Bell on a dog? A: So the cats can hear it coming. Thank you very much – I’m here all week!

Colin Bell… Jim, I’m not doggone sure…from my expression i didn’t look particularly keen on getting on the thing in the first place!

The Clash photos – Hastings Pier 12th November 1977. photos © Martin van der Grinten

Paul Simonon backstage at Hastings Pavillion

photos © Martin van der Grinten https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005516208466

Ken Hatch… Great bass player

Ian Johnson… I was at the Clash gig on the pier when they had the Cimarons as the back up band a really great night

Willie Wicking… Was at this one

Douglas Palmer… I don’t recall the Clash on Hastings Pier but from 1971-76 I worked for Berfort Reproductions whose joint owner John Berwick regularly promoted groups on the Pier. I particularly remember Suzi Quattro. At the time of booking she was relatively unknown but by the time of her appearance in Hastings Can The Can was No 1 in the charts. Myself and my work colleagues had various duties that evening and were rewarded with meeting Suzi after the gig, my 15 year old nephew was overwhelmed to meet her. During the early 70’s John Berwick also had promotions including amongst others Thin Lizzy. Fun days

Peter Fairless… Thin Lizzy were a no show

Peter Houghton… I saw the Clash on the Pier and they signed my single for me

White Rock Pavilion Hastings – entrance changes

Paul Coleman… Apart from the cars, you can tell the photos are old – there’s no sewer pipes holding the front canopy up!

Marilyn Spence… Memories of White Rock Saw Cliff Richard and the Shadows there when I was merely 14 ( 61 years ago )Danced on the stage at a school concert at 16 (59 years ago)

Nicola Dobson… I used to be on stage there a lot doing ballet and drama plays

John Wilde… Beverly Martyn and I saw Van Morrison there

Nigel Kennard… I was in the Scout Show there for a few years with my old man in the late 60s and early 70s. Merv got out of it because he had rebelled by then. Not quite rock n roll but it got me on stage.

Marc Bolan & T Rex photos from Hastings Pier 25th July 1975

marc bolan hastings pier

photos by Joe Bowieaddick

Joe Bowieaddick…  Got to see him two more times after Hastings. ’76 Lyceum and ’77 Rainbow…Great concerts. A kind Bolan fan (Peter Barron) living in Hastings found a concert ticket in a boot sale, or something, and he kindly sent it to me knowing that I had lost mine.Glad to share the great memories.

Mick O’Dowd… First time i’ve seen pics from this gig. Never seen any posters though.

Trevor Walker… Marc Bolan was an incredible rock singer and tremendous showman ! Tremendous band 👍👍

Glenn Piper… I was on spotlight duty for Bolan and roadie duty for Stallion 😀 happy days.

Pete Fairless… As you’ll all know, gig photos from the ballroom are very rare.

Chris Meachen…  I was among those viewing from the side of the stage, though don’t recognise myself amongst those in the picture. Think I might have been behind the pa speakers, as I was assisting the teenyboppers overcome by the crush / excitement into the quiet area at the side of the stage..

John Wilde…  I was SO there.

Phil Gill… I think it might be you in the wings first left, with me looking over your left shoulder. I was definitely at that side for Bolan, either in a huddle with the band on the floor or taking occasional forays side stage to watch people being dragged out of the front row so they didn’t get crushed.

Jan Warren… Oh Yeahhhhhhhhh, Marc Bolan my teenage dream, love him and his music forever!!

Alan Esdaile… The track I love is Cosmic Dancer.

Clifford Rose… Great song – would have been a fitting tribute if they had released the song as a single soon after he died.

Phil Gill… I scaled the photo up – I think it might be you John Wilde in the wings first left, with me looking over your left shoulder. I was definitely at that side for Bolan, either in a huddle with the band on the floor or taking occasional forays side stage to watch people being dragged out of the front row so they didn’t get crushed.

Dot Mountford… I saw Mark Bolan play on the Pier, he was my heart throb at the time…

Yvonne Cleland… I was there too! xx

Nick Webb… I still have my original ticket for this gig

Ian Cramp… I was about 3 rows from the front centre of the stage a 17 year old kid and I loved it

John Warner… Marc used to drink in my pub, the Halfway House in Barnes. He was killed just a few hundred yards away.

Glenn Piper… I was operating one of the follow spots for this gig

Mick O’Dowd… Me to the right of Dino.

photo Peter Houghton

Deborah Loads… I was at this fantastic concert. I remember there was a lot of tousling to get to the front. I got Davy’s drumstick after the concert as he threw it out of the car window as he and Marc drove away from the pier!

Chris Meachen…The only occasion I ever saw the bouncers scared. When they opened the gates to check the tickets, the surge of teenage girls swept them aside, with one of them thrust into the glass of the doors requiring hospital attention. I watched from the side of the stage, as we had to organise a recovery area as some young fans fainted in the crush at the front of the stage & had to be pulled out. Quite a memorable night..

John Wilde… It was a fabulous night.


Steppin’ Out – miniature railway photo 2

Martyn Baker… Tich Turner sent this photo of our band from 1976 to me a couple of days ago. In his own words….. “It was poster size and had been rolled up all these years. The Steppin’ Out logo had been stuck over Miniature Railway, but it had come away, and was the devil’s own job to stick back. It would have been easier to change our name to Miniature Railway! Then I had trouble getting it flat again, so I dismantled an old picture frame & print and put it inside. It’s the best we could do I’m afraid. It looks a bit battered and worn, but then hey, ain’t we all?” The band (original lineup) was: Tich Turner – Vocal, Martin Stringer- Vocal, Martyn Baker – Bass guitar, Wesley Magoogan – Saxes, Andy Knight – Drums, Roger Hubbard – Guitars & vocal, Piers Clark – Guitar

Ken Copsey… I remember watching you through the side window of the Cutter probably in 76. A real live band! I would have been 14.

Martyn Baker… Hi Ken. Hastings was pretty special in those days wasn’t it? So many of us did well eventually in the arts etc from that era…. All the best mate.

Mike Waghorne… That photo of Tich was how I remember him from college around 68/71

Martyn Baker… https://soundcloud.com/martyn-baker/sets/steppin-out-1977-the-box

Dave Nattress… 44 years ago – that is frightening stuff!!

Marty Reardon… I didn’t see the band but met Tich, a couple of times. I was from Australia and working at the Pumphouse Pub in 73. Great times in Hastings.

Andy Qunta… Great photo!

Pete Prescott… Great band !

Tony Qunta… Great pic!

Looking for more photos and cuttings.

Stuck at home, time to dig out those old photo albums, cuttings in the loft etc. that would be of interest to our members. Especially music related items from the Hastings area. One photo can cheer up hundreds of people and help to bring back those happy memories. Please email over, with as much detail as possible. Thank you.

Eddie Hazell – Beach Concert Photos


With the beach concert due at the end of July (30th & 31st July 2016 on The Stade) time to revisit previous years with many great memories in the photos from the late Eddie Hazell.  The photos (many we have not seen before) will start appearing on the SMART site soon. As before not sure on some of the names, please feel free to fill in the gaps or advise on any errors.

40 years of Ramones – in picture from The Guardian.


Thanks to Tony Ham for finding this


Pete Fisher… bought the first album and played it to death, much to the dismay of my hippy friends…saw them at the Roundhouse in Camden in June 1977, supported by Talking Heads…they played over 20 songs in about 35 minutes and then left the stage…they stopped briefly at one point and threatened to beat up anyone who continued to spit at /on them…they were real punks…

Looking For More Photos

Thank you for visiting our site and hopefully you are finding it interesting. We are always looking for more photos, cuttings etc from the 60’s onwards with a connection to the Hastings area. Especially groups we have not featured before. If you have anything please email it over with as much information as possible.

Beatles Day 16 reviews and photos and Kevin Burchett finale video

IMG_0592 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596

IMG_0593 IMG_0597 IMG_0598

IMG_0599 IMG_0602 IMG_0604

IMG_0607 IMG_0608 IMG_0609

A few photos I took on the day… (1) No Exit, (2) Mania,  (3) Iain Cobby, (4) Benjamin Davies, (5) Louise Dooris and Kate Ashton,  (6) Mick Bolton and Friends,  (7) Phil Little,  (8) Mick Bolton, (9) The Dan Large Band, (10) Harry Mousley,  (11) AutistiX,  (12) Simon Shaw, (13) Pass The Cat.

Jon McCallion… Missed Paul Dove by 10 mins, Phil Gills band was tops as normal Pete Prescott done a good job for the sixteenth time, Liane Carroll with hubs also tops, all good, Factrio went on early sad we didn’t see them. We enjoyed all that we saw.

Alan Esdaile…  Early Part of the Day – Well done to Pete Prescott for another brilliant day and with over £21,000 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support.  For the early part of the day, among the acts I saw were ‘No Exit’ opened the show on the main stage with a solid performance as always. Followed by ‘Mania‘  with Iain Cobby. A great renditioning of It Won’t Be Long and with two of the group only being 13 and 15 they worked really well together.  ‘Mick Bolton & Friends‘ always a pleasure to hear Mick play and with Phil Little & Barry Jones on board they gave an excellent version of Things We Said Today.  ‘Now and Then’ these were the stand out for me, first class acapella quartet, amazing voices. ‘Dan Large Band‘ Dan’s always passionate how he plays and you can tell he loved every minute and so did the audience.  ‘Pass The Cat’ first class musicians with a unique sound, had the audience moving to the hypnotic beats.  Caught Liane Carroll from a distance sounding amazing as always.  Among the youngsters were ‘Harry Mousley’.  This guys got lots of potential and really good. Great version of When I’m Sixty Four’. My sister Cheryl said ‘The Sound Waves Community Choir were excellent and Poppy Prescott was very good.

Anyone else got other reviews?

video by Kevin Burchett

Dan Large… Thank you Alan, really nice photo 🙂

Yvonne Cleland… Pass The Cat are a superb band

Tony Qunta… Yes they were fantastic!

Geoff Peckham… Factrio. Here we are. For those who missed Factrio downstairs, this is what we looked like. We might be playing as a foursome in a couple of months!

11050834_1670726063155487_7093181187433301903_n 20877_1670726093155484_2232141153189339348_n 11136688_1670726113155482_5627765009776940039_n 10408765_1670726139822146_6830108839040685051_n

supplied by Geoff Peckham

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

Yvonne Cleland… I heard they were brilliant.