Young people can’t open Fray Bentos Pies!

Ernest Ballard… Buster Bloodvessel would say he never had a problem. Often jeered ” who ate all the pies. ” at gigs

Eric Peckham… Don’t they remember what a can opener looks like? How sad.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Too lazy to use a can opener! Show them a tin of corned beef & see the confusion written all over their faces

Nick Hibberd… I’ve had one of those cheap white plastic tin openers photographed. They are terrible, and only work on some tins.

Simon Hiesley… Who opens cans sideways??? Use it right they open easily. I wonder who ties these peoples shoelaces in the mornings for them??

Alan Parker… those fray bentos pies are not worth the effort of going out and buying a good quality can opener anyway

Sandy Max… Diddums. Can’t the poor ickle things learn how to open a can?

Alan Parker… to busy trying to find a can opener link on their i.phones I expect.

Peter Fairless… The ‘opener-app’, there’s money to be made!

Mick O’Dowd… These lids are lethal along with the “key” sardine cans!

Peter Fairless… I’ll be opening corned beef later!

Phil Gill… Oh my lord, what will they eat?

Eugene Hughes…  I’m a veggie now. But when I wasn’t, I had loads of those fb pies. Never had anything slightly resembling a problem. Perhaps you have the shakes!

Gerry Forsch… Just tilt the opener.

Peter Thomson… Never mind today’s youngsters, my Nan cooked one of those with the lid still on. Bang

Mick Turner… “Just shows how useless we have become!”

Terry Hardwick… It’s the pussy tin openers can’t beat the old ones

Kathy Wood… If you cant open it you shouldnt be eating it

Carol Ann Bolton… Not bad as far as ready made stuff goes, although I don’t eat meat.

Alan Pepper… My mum ended up in A and E in the seventies  after slicing her fingers trying to open one of those buggers ! It may have been spam thinking about it.

Dave Nattress… A little while ago a TV programme – back in time for tea (I think), showed these pies and I said to the Head Woman, Wow I haven’t seen or had one of those for 100’s of years – well since I was still living at home with my parents – maybe 40 years, so, anyway she saw them in B & M at Ravenside retail Park and got me one for a pound I think. OK, it opened no problem but despite the taste being the same as I recall and the nice crispy pastry it was mostly gravy and there sure must have been a hell of wind blowing when they put the meat in it. We know how to live in Bexhill you know!