Who went Scrumping?

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Pete Prescott… When I lived in North Kent (teyham. near Faversham) I was minutes away from the orchards. Scrumping was a daily routine.  Sadly my brother Steve went a bit to far with the amounts he took from one tree. We went to Conyer one night and got chased in a van driven by the farmer and his wife. We got caught. They took our names and said they were calling the Police. When dad came home from work he came up to our room (mum had sent us there when we got home). He stood in the doorway. The light behind him making him look very imposing. Finally he said “do you know I could go to prison for what you two have done !” I started to cry. Steve was made of sterner stuff (he was twelve).  After dad went downstairs he said “stop crying you bloody idiot! he’s not going to prison for a few apples ! He trying to scare us”  We made sure we had a good escape route and didn’t hit the same tree after that.  I used to carefully eat them while they were on the tree. there were lots of Apple cores left hanging ! We worked for this particular farmer. Not a very nice boss. Not a very nice guy. And very very rich. It was naughty. But we were kids.

Alan Thynne… Great memories!! The village doctors orchard was our target for scrumping..almost like military manoeuvres dodging his dogs….

Dennis Torrance.. I did got caught by police, was 11 ,was clipped round the head and shoved about ,scared me to death but did the trick never did it again it was my mum who I was really in trouble with plus the apples were crap lol

Allyson Breed… Didn’t have to go scrumping, my Grandad was a fruit farmer with 70 acres of orchard

Perri Ann Haste… I used to go scrumping for gooseberries in the garden round the corner from where I lived as a child, the lady who owned the house later went on to be one of my bosses!

John Warner… Story of my young life, surrounded by orchards, The Vicar grew peaches and beautiful Victoria plums in the vicarage garden, and surrounded by strawberry fields. Bliss!

Joe Knight… Never got caught 😆 but brought the house later

Lyn Humphrey… We had an apple tree in our garden, so I never actually needed to go scrumping. Did get in trouble sometimes from my parents though, because me & my little mates used to  have apple wars, and throw the things at each other. If you found you were out of ammo, you just used to shake more off the tree!

Dave Nattress… Scrumping Yes, Lyn, I’m surprised at you!!   Also, rhubarb, gooseberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums, many an allotment raided, dug up potatoes and picked runner beans and tomatoes and took them home.  But, as an average mischievous bunch of lads we had a total respect for the law at the same time.  Any rumour of a uniformed policeman being around, complete with his huge great Black framed bicycle and we scarpered!!  Remember the local policeman everybody?  Long since gone out of fashion!

Dennis Torrance… Only the police that caught me climbing out garden got ride in panda car home but remember the old days on the beat lol

Lyn Humphrey… Mr Nattress……dug up potatoes, picked runner beans? This total respect for the law…..was it a bit like the Krays had, you mean?

John Warner… Yes but it’s more fun eating apples that don’t belong to you.

Tony Ball… Never got caught