Pink Floyd new album The Endless River

pink floyd new

Thanks to Jim Breeds for finding this

Gary Kinch… Back in the day there were very few albums that I would buy without listening to first. I’d have to listen several times, perhaps round a mates house or at parties. Money was tight and I couldn’t waste it (perhaps I’m just a tight arse)…..Good stuff rarely has instant appeal to me anyway……I might just take a punt on this album though.

John Storer…Mmm … old stuff rehashed normally sounds like …. old stuff rehashed. The Beatles “Real Love” and “Free as a Bird”, anyone? I am sceptical. Still, the proof of the pudding will be in the listening and i am perhaps rather biased, as I remain of the opinion their last decent album was “wishh You Were Here” 🙂

Eric Cawthraw… There was a lot on this in the Indy the other day. I see it is also going to be released as a double LP with gate-fold sleeve. I believe Phil Manzanera is on it as well. Mr. M has made some good solo stuff over time as well. The Mrs. has thrown the paper out, but it included a bit about the young 16 year old lad that produced the cover. Now that Storm Thorgerson [think I’ve spelt it right] has passed on, it’s interesting to see that no Hipgnosis cover this time. Got to go, I can hear the division bell!

Phil Thornton… looking forward to this !