DAB radio problems in the Hastings area.


Sarah Harvey… If you are regular listeners to Planet Rock or Absolute 80s or certain other stations on DAB, and you live in the Hastings area….. you are about to lose the station, or at least find the station un-listenable….Absolute 80s and Planet Rock, a few of the UK’s most popular digital-only stations are two of the stations making the move to the new multiplex this week, leaving behind its previous home on the national Digital 1 network.
For listeners, this means DAB coverage will drop from around 90% to around 75% of the UK. Notably in places such as East Anglia and the south-west, reception of the station will no longer be possible on DAB. So if Absolute 80s now reads “Absolute 80s old” on your display and Planet Rock “zPlanet Rock”, and you don’t have another version in your station list after retuning, you’re about to lose the stations.
Its all about cost ad the new SDL network is cheaper than the old Digital 1 network.

Ernest Ballard… That’s so shitte if I loose my signal here in Plymouth. I bought a DAB to listen and tune in to planet rock.

Peter Thomson…. I wondered what the ‘z’ was for! Maybe I’ll start walking about with a satellite dish on my head… I had noticed Planet Rock had become a little diluted of late anyway. Come back Rick Wakeman!

Andre Martin… Thanks for that infor, I will have to check out what other DAB stations will go.

Jim Hobbs… How crap is that? … I had no idea we were about to lose some popular DAB stations including Planet Rock. I understood that DAB would be extended not reduced in coverage with a view to closing FM transmissions. Maybe we can have Radio Caroline instead available in a couple of DAB areas.

Jan Davies… There is a Planet Rock petition which I’d be really grateful if you’d sign and share please? https://www.change.org/p/bauer-media-petition-to-ask-bauer-media-to-keep-planet-rock-nationwide   Thank you!

Sarah Harvey… Join me Sarah for an hour of rock music on Monday 2nd May 2016 at 2pm with Darren Reddick. Be prepared for plenty of memories and mentions about Hastings Pier. DAB Digital Radio, Sky 0110, Virgin Media 924, Freesat 730 online and on mobile. http://www.planetrock.com