Die Laughing, Head On, Plastix – Hastings Pier 16th February 1978



ad – Sarah Harvey     ticket – Mick Mepham     Head On Andy Qunta, photo David Mmirb.

Phil Thornton….I remember this one ! the plastix had to play on the floor due to the stage being full of gear. They were excellent ! I had forgotten that DL were headlining !!! ( I think it may have been my last gig with them ?) Head On were great of course !!!

Alan Esdaile…..Bizarre to see Soul Fever 78 tour, as that was the tour I put together when I managed Delroy Williams. I can’t remember putting this on at the pier but think we change venue to Emmas(below Queens Hotel) as not enough tickets were sold.

Phil Thornton…..no no no ! not my last gig with Die Laughing ! but it was Mick Mephams first Hastings gig with them ! I must have been there to cheer him on !!!

Mick Mepham…..I think it might have been Phil as I think I joined in late ’77. That billing is a bit dicey though!! Head On were excellent and the Plastix weren’t too shaky either ….

Janine Anne Hemsley… ”Remember this night lol”

John Wilde…  I was there. It was a great night. Plastix won the night.

Phil Thornton… its official …. the Plastix stole the show !!

Peter Fairless… Plastix, a St Valentine’s attraction?

Mike Mitchell… That well known Welshman….Die Laughing

Phil Thornton… …. and no it was not the sex pistols in disguise !

Kev Carlyon… 80p to get in!

The Lurkers, The Crabs & The Plastix – Hastings Pier 4th February 1978

Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, poster supplied by Teenbeats Facebook page.

Peter Bridger… Somewhere I still have the badge that says “I caught the Crabs”

Sarah Harvey…. Support band The Crabs. Formed in Great Yarmouth East Anglia in 1974 and known as Cosmic Love and then Teezer.

Mark Syrett… The crabs were better in my opinion. Great night still got Crabs single Victim given to me by Huggy.

Mick O’Dowd… Seems that Plastix got in on the act on this date.

Gavin Martin… DELROY WILLIAMS…cool operator!


Plastix – 1977






cuttings supplied by The Teenbeats facebook page. Roxy review supplied by Chris van Rock

Huggy Leaver vocals, Mark Wilmshurst Bass, Nick Sayer Guitar, Mark Storr Hogins Drums

Pete Fairless….Some of that ‘Hastings Attitude’ I heard mentioned on the radio, yesterday?

Chris van Rock… My 1978 NME review of the ‘farewell to the Roxy’ LP signed by Bob Kyley ..lead singer of the best track ‘Vertigo’ by his band ‘Open Sore ‘ …. the best punk band at the time from Slough playing with the likes of the Adverts , UK Subs at the Roxy . The album was the last recording before the club was shut. The Roxy club is now a shop in convent garden , and Bob still a massive star in Slough fronting Electric Country band ‘The Company’ . He is and always will be a beautiful shining star

Alan Esdaile… Farewell to The Roxy LP with Huggy’s band The Plastix on. It sold a few copies locally.

Pete Fairless… Still got mine.

Chris van Rock… Great cuttings of The Plastix.

Pete Prescott… I saw this band on the pier supporting Head On. I thought they were brilliant ! Huggy was the dogs bollocks !

Michael Cook… The Plastics, as they were originally called, was never Huggy’s band at all, he joined after the band had been going for over a year when the lead singer left. It was Nick Sayer, Mark Storr-Hoggins and Michael Cook who first formed The Plastics in late 1976, the name was later changed to Plastix.