Food Hall – Plummers (now Debenhams) Hastings 21st October 1965

who remembers the food hall in Plummers? Remember it well and the first taste of yogurt, which tasted disgusting!

Brigitte Lee… I remember it. In my mind it was under the stairs?

Alan Esdaile… Pretty sure it was in a step down at the back of the entrance floor.

Richard J Porter… My wife would go there with her mother. It was opposite her Father’s Greengrocers, Coopers.

Steve Martin… Worked there early 70’s. It was Debenhams by then. Bonita’s on a Friday night after being paid my wages for the week. £4.50 tops. Good times with the football team on a Sunday. Alan, Simon etc.

Coco Pops… Remember the Wine Shop???

Sanyo Cassette Recorder – Plummers Hastings 1967

Alan Esdaile… Not cheap. Also if you look at the bottom of the ad, it says now open all day Wednesday. Do you remember shops used to close half day on a Wednesday?

Jim Breeds… Because the Grammar School closed on a Wednesday afternoon I think. And the school made up for it by having classes on Saturday morning? Have I remembered that correctly?

Peter Fairless… Yikes! I think we had one of them…

 Jane Warren… I’ve still got one of these old tape recorders, still works …….. like most things from the “good old days” – built to last!!! – now everything is disposable, doesn’t last 5 minutes, no wonder the landfill sites are so full and people are so wasteful

Alan Parker… Me too. Eats batteries like nobody’s business

Terry Huggins…Early closing day varied from town to town, usually Tuesday. Wednesday or Thursday.

Joe Knight… Think the year was 65/67 left it on the back window of the car consul 375 in the summer and came back to one melted tape recorder, thank God the battery operated record player was on the floor still with the Album by Cream on it

Steve Reents…  Got one for my birthday one summer. Used it ALL the time to record myself and friends being goofy.

Derek Hall… I still have mine!

Dave Nattress… Wednesday half day closing – definitely remember that!! I had about 3 of cassette recorders similar to this Sanyo model – if I recall the first was a Phillips then one made by ITT – think they had a factory on Ponswood, not sure if they made these players there though, – mono of course? Then I had a later ITTmodel which was so-called Stereo. Used to take the later model to band practice – Damaris, Samisen etc. to learn the tracks at home. Difficult to get a half sensible live recording. Also I’m pretty sure I used them along in the car before I had the first tinny sounding cassette player actually fixed in the car.

Keith Cowper… I had one of those to record the music for the Hastleons shows when we rehearsed wth Bertie Crouch

Terry Huggins… I worked at ITT in the 70s and at that time the cassette mechanisms were made and tested somewhere else and then installed and wired into music centres at Ponswood. The ITT factory was huge. It was where Screwfix is now and extended all the way down the hill. It also went back quite a long way towards Battle Road as well.