Slade poisonous feud behind Christmas hit by The Daily Mail.


photo source: Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1973.

Martin Richter… saw this yesterday – sad

Jane Hartley… It is very sad, but the ‘new’ Slade are still great!

David Rowley… Yet another newspaper story not understanding the difference between songwriting/copyright royalties and artist recording royalities. Lea and Holder make a bucket off the public performance of the song because they wrote it. Hill and Powell are also making money but from sales of the record – oh, that’s right, there are no sales of records anymore.

Dave Nattress… I read this and anyway was aware of the so-called feud and like so many stories of similar fallings-out between old band-mates I find it really a shame after all have been through so much together – often far more downs than ups and naively I think I’d love the guys to get together, maybe sort the differences out and play together again. They were so good as a band and I have no doubt the reason I think the situation of their feud is such a pity is because of all Christmas records we’re subjected to, I think theirs is the best by a million miles. Every time I hear it I love it, a wonderful pop song, wonderful guitar chords, a piece of art. Every time I hear almost all the other Christmas songs, year after year after year, I’ve had enough of them. Slade’s is always fresh. I know…it’s said to be about money – royalties and maybe I’d view it differently If I was one of the 2 said not to be getting much out of the song. As you’re all in it together why not equal shares – I know – it rarely works this way in any business. I say this all from a position of relative poverty. (Well actually some of the relatives have got a bit). Right I’m waffling – way off the subject – time to go.

Colin Bell… When Slade played the White Rock a few weeks back (where incidentally they were great and brought the house down)I spent the afternoon with Dave Hill at the hotel and accompanied him to the gig along with Don. We spent several hours chatting and I can assure you they are not bitter! The Daily Mail has always been a shit newspaper/organ for the Tories, anyway not getting into a polictical rant. Dave and Don still love what they do and it should be noted they were the guys that founded the band, Noddy joined later. So as my dad used to say the only truth that newspapers write is the date (and you should check that!). Hope all Smarties have had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!