SMART 10 – report

We have gone into double digits! A quick look across at the pier and exciting times to see things really moving and the decking growing in front of our eyes. We were very pleased to be joined by Henry Lampitt from the Hastings Pier Charity which took time out to explain about the future of the pier and made notes of our suggestions and comments. Chris Stovold arrived with some more interesting books including The British Beats book and a leaflet on a psychedelic 5 album set which featured Factory but alas not the ones we know and love but a 60’s band with a similar name. Talking of Factory Tony Qunta had a very interesting listing of all the early gigs they performed with reviews of each gig which Andy had written. Much interest especially from Geoff Peckham which brought back many happy memories. Peter Millington and Andre Martin were talking about lots of musical events in history taking park this year, including yesterdays Radio Caroline 50 years, even if the BBC keep making mistakes in the broadcasts! A few interesting local events will be taking place and all will be revealed soon! Also its the 50th anniversary of The Confederates playing their first major gig on the Pier with The Swinging Blue Jeans which took place on the 25th April 1964. Lots of talk about the Pam Dor and The Fiesta but someone somewhere must have some photos of The Fiesta. Good to see Martin Prior join us with his memories of promotions and Mick O’Dowd has updated his Pier listing but looking for details of any groups with dates if possible who appeared at ‘Twisting Time with your fave groups’. Andy Gunton has been working hard on the next issue of The Stinger which is about 2 weeks away and will have a feature on The Who on the pier in 1969. Sarah Harvey was plugging away about the return of Hastings Rock and she is also looking for original band recordings from the 1960’s onwards for her own radio broadcasts in the future. Eric Harmer & Gary Lancaster were talking about the pubs in the old town and looks like some may start having bands play on a Saturday afternoon. Pete Prescott made a quick visit as he was busy on the stand in Priory Meadow for the Beatles Day. It looks like most people from the SMART group are going, so should be a great day. Barry Taylor popped in with Marmite and good to hear his Blues Fest is coming together. Phil John was having a great conversation on groups with Mick Mepham and I think that was just a small part of what we talked about!

Andy Qunta….Sounds great, & once again I wish I could have been there!

Sarah Harvey….These are wonderful get-togethers….thank you Alan for organising it and making everyone so welcome.

Mick O’Dowd…..Alan has done it again! Another great meeting and chat. many interesting topics being bandid about and the thing is you can drop in on the subjects that interest you and not the ones that don’t. For those of you who keep saying they’d like to come, do it next time you will be made welcome.