Sundowners Club Eastbourne Programme

Supplied by John Busbridge

1975 advert

John Busbridge… Who remembers the Sundowners Club? Great place to go on a Friday night back in the day. Can anyone date this?

Alan Esdaile… Sundowners was great. Thanks for posting John.

Kevin Sherwood… I saw Showaddywaddy over there before they were in the charts so it was around 1973.

Robert Searle… Nice to see my old group there, Haze, for two nights too. Great days. It was their first gig,although unofficial, at the Sundowners, comprised of two groups, Choise and Golden Hammers, great night. I was there too.

Chris Chantler… Guess this was 73 …. great place, saw Showaddy there several times (and Mud) and met my husband there too!

Pete Millington… We (SPYKE) used to zip over to The Sundowners every Friday night after playing at the Alexandra Hotel in Hastings. So many good groups played there. Dating the programme is tough but Showaddewaddy we’re formed from two different groups who played there, can’t remember their names. So I would guess this programme is from 1971/2

Willie Wicking… Remember seeing Showaddwaddy there must have been one of their 1st gigs

Peter Thomson… I’ve always been convinced we saw Karl (Carl?) Douglas there but without a band. Don’t remember it being advertised and we were surprised when he appeared on stage. Whoever it was either mimed or sang along to backing tapes, quite early on in the evening. No, not everyone was Kung Fu Fighting.

Tony court-Holmes… went there often

Sheila Maile… Used to drive over in our mates Robin Reliant after the local pub shut in 1977

Keith Veness… Great place to go car full of people good times

Leigh Mitchell… Went there a lot in the 70s

Dennis Torrance… I went to Sundowners a few times and enjoyed it there

Colin Bell… DJ’d there in the 70’s, always a good gig i enjoyed doing.

Alan Esdaile… Martin Casson Agency used to book out Luvaduc a lot. They were a great band.

Nigel Ford… took Cathy there after calling in at the Star, Norman’s Bay on our first date, Nov 11th ( I think?) ’77. A mild blowy evening I seem to remember.

Dave Nattress… Saw loads of bands there including Mud just as they were breaking through and a London band “Bethnal” who did at least one quite rocky album. Got it on vinyl. A bit different to the normal Sundowners bands. I think they may have played Hastings Pier also. The full show was the 2 separate “pop” or covers bands “Choise” and “Golden Hammers” wearing normal clobber who did a set each and who then combined as 9/10 piece “Showaddywaddy Rock and Roll Show” in drapes and crepes!

Alan Esdaile… I remember seeing Mud at the Sundowners Dave and they put on a great show. I also got this memory of a poster advertising the gig with a warning sign saying ‘Mud On The Road’ and details of the date!

Paul Fixter… Interesting leaflet! The dates in question appear to be all weekends, and looking at a 1973 calendar these are all Fridays and Saturdays, so if these gigs were all Fri/Sat nights rather than Sat/Sun nights, then it’s 1973 for sure. Choise and Golden Hammers were the two bands that formed Showaddywaddy – so each support band and the main band were the same musicians!

Jon McCallion… Great place.

Keith Veness… Had some great nights there

Leigh Mitchell… Saw Mud & Showaddywaddy there on more than one occasion in the 70s! Never liked the drive back to Hastings in the wee hours of the morning though

Paul Fixter…I sent a screen grab of this programme to both Dave Bartram and Romeo Challenger of Showaddywaddy, and they were most interested! Romeo recalled that it was one of the first gigs that Showaddywaddy did away from the Fosse Way and “the reaction was tremendous”. (NB the Fosse Way was a pub in Leicester which was Showaddywaddy’s birth place). Dave Bartram recalled that the Sundowners was the birth place of the three-band show they put on the road and that it was smart business getting paid as the support bands and the headline musicians!

St Johns Wood – 1969/1970

St. Johns Wood

supplied by Colin Fox

L to R: Ray Harper, Colin Pierce, Dave Shaw, Robin Sargent, Colin Fox and Rod Pittam sitting below.

Robert Searle….Nice one Colin

Andre Martin….Found this from my Hastings Pier Files


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Peter Millington…..I make the date as being 7th February 1970

Rob Sargent… I remember the photo session, on the beach just below the Wish Tower. Hope you’re all still rocking and enjoying it as much as I am.

Lynne Norris… I found this site accidentally and it triggered many memories of my teenage years and some really good music. I remember The Spooks and 4-Bidden well when they played upstairs at Club Continental. As a 16-year old, I absolutely adored Dave Shaw and I was beside myself when we moved to Burrow Down and Dave Shaw and his family lived just over the road from us at Den Hill.  Dave had this big old tank of a car and he would give me a lift sometimes.  I am pleased that he kept on rocking and am I sad to hear that he has passed away.

Raven – Saturdays Discotheque Hastings February 1977

Shaun Pont… Second right, Paul Ray

Len Smith… Believe line-up is ?, Dave Hacker, Paul Ray & Alan Davies.

John Kitcher… Paul Ray I played with many times.

Chris Coleman… Second from left Dave Acker

Mark Little… Paul Ray, Dave acker

Alan Davies… L to r Aus Tony, Dave Hacker, Paul Ray and me

John Stafford… ‘Tony’ is Tony Saxton (Bass)

Remembering King (Kingsley Trowell) by Peter Gladwish


supplied by Peter Gladwish

Peter Gladwish… Remembering King. 8 years since his passing. Still missing a good mate.

Alan Esdaile… This brings back some great memories of seeing King Rod.

Jon McCallion… Good memories of King Rod and Co at the 58 club then getting a lift back home in the blue bus that they had. Happy days.

Mick O’Dowd… King Rod & Co always seemed to be the band that were always there lurking in the background but never forgotten once seen.

Carol Arnold… yes great nights at 58 club with pie and lift back in bus!

Marianne Hay… My late husband used to be the DJ at the 58club when it changed to Pebbles and knew all of the local groups including King Rod well as he played when the groups went for their break his name was Henry Hay I am sure that there are a lot of people out there who remember him.

Graham Nunn… I knew him well. Lovely guy.

Robert Searle… Good ol King RIP

Stuart Moir… Brilliant profile, with that hair he always looked the part RIP my friend your sadly missed by all in the music business .

Margaret Trowell… Couldn’t agree more Stu xx A much loved brother, still sadly missed

Barry Newton… Great memories , great times and fun especially at 58 club and the trips home in the bus, happy days

Caramel Crem – Croft Road Hastings around 1967/1968 photo Gerald Killick

photo © Gerald Killick

Tony Killick, Paul Snook, Bernard Jeffries and Stephen Moran

Shared from an article in Hastings Town magazine Oct/Nov 2021 where Tony May interviews Gerald Killick about growing up in Hastings in the 1960’s and 70’s. Very interesting article with many photos.

Alan Esdaile… Looking at the photo, not sure if its Caramel Crem or could it be Caramel Crew. The articles lists it as Caramel Cream.

Stephen Moran… Thank you for sharing Alan, I look forward to reading Gerald’s article. As you know we became the ‘The Mysterons’ around 1968 and when Tony moved to Manchester, Bernie and I played a bit around Hastings as a duo, just for fun really. They were happy times.


The Equals & Cotton Woods – Hastings Pier 6th October 1972



photo 1968, sourceFotocollectie Anefo. Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, nummertoegang, bestanddeelnummer 254-7975. Author: Nijs, Jac. de / Anefo

Yvonne Cleland… With a young Eddy Grant!

Lucy Pappas… I  remember that night!

Mick O’Dowd… Eddy used to own flats in Devonshire Road where I met him after finishing at Bonitas.

Natasha Kaschevsky… One of my exes was signed to Eddy’s record label Ice Records. He was a lovely guy, very down to earth. Leon Shepperdson of Stamco was his agent for a while.


The Sabres – Early 60’s Eastbourne Seafront.


supplied by Len Smith Eastbourne Bands From 1960 on.

Here’s when they played the pier in 1964.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Roy Penfold… These teenagers and their raves…..I just don’t know what the world will come to!

Alan Esdaile… Lots of the gigs were called raves in those days. I wonder when it first appeared.

Glynn Brown… I have a feeling they were the support band when the Honeycombs performed on Hastings Pier in the early 1960’s.

Andre Martin… You are right Glynn when they changed their name to Shelly…. this week we have The HoneyCombs and the support from Brighton – Shelly – formerly known as The Sabres, who were about to embark on a future playing in Europe, and would become top names in both Denmark and Scandinavia within the next few years. This was to be one of the last appearance from the band in Hastings.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Keith Flanigan… Anyone know the names of the guys in the Eastbourne band the Sabres, back in the early 60s.

Alan Esdaile… you were asking about The Sabres line up. Pretty sure its the same line up as Shelley????

Ken Copsey… Love the Wem Watkins Dominator, matching Copicat and Burns Sonic guitar.

Keith Flanigan… 1963?

The Big T Sound & Town Council – Hastings Pier 21st September 1968

all cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Chris Baker….Brian (Bear) Williams (Drums), Bob Shipway, (Bass), Pete Robertson (Vocals) and (Batty) Bill Willshire whose real name was Pete! Fun times! Bill joined after Steve Hersee left and we got Bob the bass player.

1901533_10151908604590264_1955605120_nsupplied by Chris Baker

Here’s Chris at his 18th birthday with the group Town Council. Harry the manager and Bob Shipway in the photo.

Chris Baker… I am not sure I’d quite developed the Rock God image at that point in my career!

Phil Gill… But the Hofner was too cool for school – do you still have it?

Chris Baker… I do indeed Phil. I had a Humbucker fitted and split to two leads for “stereo” many years ago. It can make more different tones than most! I also have a Strat which I love to bits

Mick O’Dowd… Went to school with “Bill” Wilshire and we used to get together at his place in OLd London Road that he called “Fat’s Pad”. We tried to form a band with me on vocals(ouch) , Trev Partridge on bass, Neil (can’t remember surname) on drums, “Bill” was going to be on keyboards when he could manage to buy one, Tim Purcell on guitar and I think Pete Shaw might have got involved near the end. Working name was The Thoroughbreds. First and last time I tried to be in a band so decded to become a DJ instead!

Chris Baker… Bill’s name was Peter really and Willshire not WilTshire.

Conan Howard… played my first ever gig with Chris Baker somewhere in a basement, in George street Hastings BACK IN THE 70S Conan (Len)

Chris Baker… I remember mate! 7 George St. “Showstopper” was the shop we had. The basement got “damp” when it was high tide

Iain Cobby… Nice to see you Chris! and a young Bob and Harry. Thanks for many memories.

Chris Baker… And you too Iain! Looking back at those pics makes me think we were lucky to be playing the music we loved and getting paid for it too!



Photos of Centre Page by Gail Gardner

photos: Gail Gardner supplied by Stuart Moir

Stuart Moir… pics are of the band trying to pull an old car, the Centre Page line up was Dave beano Easton lead vocals Mick Ingram on bass Graham Putland on rhythm guitar Revie Stockdale on keyboard and your truly on drums, at that time we were into Beach Boys and Four Seasons covers amongst other popular songs going around in the 70s and 80s

Robert Searle… Suspects, Graham wasn’t in Centre Page

Stuart Moir… Yes he was Bob he’s the second from left Stading on the log the rhs car door and the Y of the tree, before your time with CP