Mungo Jerry – Aquarius 10th February 1973.

mungo jerry 13th feb 1973

Geoff Peckham… I believe this was the night that my Factory’s Sound City amp was stolen at the end of the evening. I stupidly left it unattended on the pavement whilst loading the van. Anyone seen it?

Phil Gill… I’m sure I saw Tony Qunta using an old Sound City head recently….

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Was there that night too (to see Mungo Jerry, not steal an amp I hasten to add

Phil Gill… Graham How, wasn’t this the gig that you, me and Burke Shelley from Budgie ended up at Rock a Nore in your Reliant Robin?

Geoff Peckham… If so, where did you find the room for my amp, eh?

Phil Gill… We made two trips.

Jim Breeds… I was at the Mungo Jerry gig.

Andre Martin…  And on Friday Night – Sabotage.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Alan Esdaile… Remember working with Sabotage a few times. They were a great pop harmony band.

Dave Nattress… Very witty Mr Gill. Like it!! Knowing Budgie well and having seen them and got albums and CD’s – amazed they should play the Aquarius! Dance to Budgie?

Beez Neez – Hastings Pier September 1977

Mark Harris… Love it!! Seems like a lifetime ago!

Dave Blundell… My friend Chris Downtown was in Beez Neez but was that after this era? . .

Lance Collins… A long time ago !!!!!!

poster supplied by Lance Collins

Mick O’Dowd… Remember it well. Trouble with Melanie was that her dad was a policeman and he wouldn’t let her play a places he deemed as “undesirable”! That’s rock’n’Roll!

Lance Collins… Most of the places I DJ at in those days fitted that description 😂😂😂. But it payed the rent. Music venues nowadays are much improved.

Mick O’Dowd getting in early (Sept 1977) to get the Christmas gigs booked up.

Mick O’Dowd… Yes, Chris did join at a later date. This was an early line-up.