Hastings Pier Triodome colourmaster postcard

shared: Chris Perrior  St Leonards on Sea is THE Place to be! https://www.facebook.com/groups/52198885165

Chris Perrior… a colourmaster postcard showing Hastings pier about 1970’s/80’s, the structure was known as the Tridome built in 1966 and held the Hastings embroidery at one time, it was dismantled around 1986

Tony Court-holmes… when hastings was a nice place

Michael Linskey… When Hastings had a Pier with character and all year round entertainment, instead of a length of driftwood now



Lower parade and shelters, Marina, St Leonards-on-Sea postcard

supplied by Colin Bell

David Edwards… The Skyscraper

Mike Waghorne…David, QE11 in dry dock !

Pauline Sims… Thank you for sharing this!

Mick O’Dowd… What no Jim the Jolly Fish?

Allan Mitchell… Awesome‼️ What Year Was This

Colin Bell… Not sure exactly Allan, it came from a pile of my Dad’s things, but it’s somewhere between late 40’s early 50’s (the St Leonards Pier visible in the background was finally dismantled in 1951) so cant be later

Stuart Moir… Looks about 1950s