Jimi Hendrix – Pier poster for sale.

Thanks to Jim Breeds for finding this.


Jim Breeds… Here’s a poster we’ve seen before, but this copy is a bit special. Click through to find out more.

Anyone got a spare $20 – $30,000?


John Wilde…Whoooooaah. THIS is a Holy Relic. Where do I pilgrimage, to touch it?

Alan Esdaile… Here’s the autographs . supplied by Mick O’Dowd . We did question the Graham Nash autograph before and wondered if it was him from the Hollies or someone else?


Peter Millington…I’m not convinced that the Graham Nash signature is right. Below is his autograph from the Hollies visit to Hastings pier on 124th August 1963. I witnessed him and the rest of the original Hollies signing a publicity photograph for me and I still have it under lock and key.


supplied by Peter Millington

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