Kings Country Club Posters – Eastbourne 1970’s





supplied by  Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Janine Anne Hemsley…Yayyyyyyyyyy I was in Meridian lol. I was 15 .

Redstar Richter… Charles case?

Robert Searle… I remember The Clarke Elsom Collection supporting many stars there, with Graham Clarke on bass guitar.

Gary Kinch…. I  only went there once, enjoyed it at the time. Does anyone remember who the owner was?

Andre Martin… Ray King owned the club, but the real Boss was Mrs King, a lady that you did not cross, only if it were your last moments on this earth, don’t get me wrong, she was a very nice person, but was in control. Ray was a great person to work for, spent 5 yrs on the Entertainments team. Here is ” The Guv ” taken at a Municipal Event in Eastbourne in mid 70s.- I enjoyed working for him.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection


Andre Palfrey-martin collection – around 1979

Jane Hartley… I worked in one of the Hastings pier shops early 80’s, lots of performers at Whiterock used to wander around the pier before their show. Met many, including the Dooleys!

Gary Cripps… Bring back the club it was brilliant

Andre Martin… YES but we sadly do not have the quality of acts that were about at the time to make all these clubs such great entertainments centres. Time changes demands. All we can do is remember just how lucky we were to be part of that great generation – the Boom years.

Rick Bonner… I was virtually raised in Kings Country Club. During the 1970’s my dad was a resident performer called ‘The Peter Bonner Duo’. Later, dad’s drummer Barry Gocher formed a resident band called ‘Meridian’ which I was luck enough to join as a vocal/instrumentalist. Kings back then was a unique, amazing venue than became more like a second family to the regular members. I will never forget ‘Nan’ on the door smoking her cigarettes or the lovely Reg in the car-park directing the cars. Very special times for sure! Look on the Facebook site under ‘Kings Country Club’ for one the great reunion show that happen during the year.

Gareth Jones… Mum and dad would bring us down from Llandudno every September for a week. We’d stay (early days caravan) in a chalet and odd numbered caravans were Chelsea while even numbers were Arsenal. Uncle Sid and Auntie Jo entertained us kids with an assortment of games and activities. Evenings we’d be entertained in the showbar. The Peter Bonner Duo were always there getting people warmed up and after every number Peter would say “Thank you for dancing” My mum would point me in the direction of stars/celebrities casually enjoying a quiet drink in the bar. Then she’d get me to ask them for their autographs. Wish I had that list now! Great place, great people and wonderful memories

Karen Haggerty… (in reply to Rick Bonner) I remember your fathers group. My parents purchased a caravan in the early pre club days from Uncle Ray as I knew him when I was six . We then had a mobile home that Ray parched for his wife Betty and she’d made other plans. We needed up with chalet with a drive for dads car. Spent so many years there and have such fond memories.

Lisa Humphrey… Wish you were here. Judith Charmers. That was my family on holiday.

John Busbridge… Used to go there.

Carol Anne… Always a good night out Kings, saw many great acts, sometimes Kings, most times Sundowners, 2 great clubs. Happy memories