Bar Prices February 1971


sourced: Seventies Time Machine facebook page.

Chris Baker… No wonder I didn’t start drinking until I was 21! I didn’t like beer and that’s all they had! I was finally corrupted by Rum and Coke and then Cider! 

Tony Qunta… I used to drink bitter – and lots of it! 

Ernest Ballard… In the days when one could afford to buy a round for all the band ha ha

Dennis Torrance… What prices

Chris Baker… Anyone remember buying a Sticky Red in the Anchor? 9p a glass and made you feel bullet-proof! Turns out it was Rough Tawny Port straight out of the cask!  

Jan Warren… Oh wish we could go back there, and I think a packet of fags was about 30p?! – Happy daze!! 

Jeanette Jones… Cheers 

Public Bar Prices – 1971


source: Seventies Time-Machine

Kevin Sherwood… Started drinking on the pier 1973 ish no wonder i was so happy then!

Paul Crimin… Inflation? What inflation?

Pete Fisher… average wage was about 30 pounds a week for manual workers, so you could afford a couple of liquid lunches!!!

Dennis Torrance… Amazing prices lol