The Dripping Well Cambridge Road Hastings

Postcard for sale eBay….

Fred Marsh… what was the pub next door called

John Gale… Before the Tubman,,, The Cambridge I think

Reid McDuffie… I went there every weekend in the early 80s. Forget it’s name back then

Fred Marsh… yes The Cambridge well done i shall sleep tonight

Jo Avery… Yes the Cambridge my Aunt and Uncle ran it for quite a few years. Jim and Di Davidson.

Eugene Hughes… Jo, I used to adore the fish pies Di made. Jim went on to run The Railway pub. Then was curator at Rye Museum I believe.

Jo Avery… Yes she was one amazing cook!

Mike Mitchell… I’m sure I had cricket coaching in the nets at the Priory Ground with Len Creese…I also passed by the Dripping Well on my stag night and had several pints of bitter poured down my trousers. Thank you for that Allen Blackford.

Eugene Hughes… How odd. I was just about to post, when I read this. I had cricket training with Len Creese at the Priory Meadow. I never knew that he was the landlord at the DW.

James Bacon… How much for?

Alan Esdaile… £5. current bid.

James Westlake… I used to use the Garage at the top of the hill to fill up our works van.

Tony Davis… Len Crease was groundsman at the Central Cricket Ground and sold me my first Gray Nicholls cricket bat

Eugene Hughes… Gray Nicholls are still there and trading in Robertsbridge. I remember seeing Ted Dexter playing for Sussex at the PM. It was against Kent. He scored 203 not out. He signed and gave my dad his bat when he came back into the pavilion. I have it to this day.

James Westlake… Definitely old enough

Graham Sherrington… cor Blimey memories

Jacquie Hinves…Spent most evenings on there as a student nurse45 years ago. It was the first pub Kevin Hoad and I went the day I started at the old RESH!

Gaynor Lewry… And the pump house we went there as well

Duncan… Thank You all for remembering my Grandfather Len Creese in his capacities as Professional Cricketer, Cricket Coach, Groundsman and Publican. He would be touched that you all remember him so far after his time.

Peter Houghton… Used to go in there in the 70s when I lived in Linton Road

Jeff McCall… Bottom of Dorset Place, used to live there opposite the glass works where my dad worked. It was a two up two down house and I remember the tin bath hung on the backyard door! That was in the mid 50″s.

The Harrow Inn The Ridge St Leonards-on-Sea


Fred Marsh… Such a quiet road then

Heather Sidery… Love this!

Mick O’Dowd… Me and a mate and girlfriends got chucked out of here because we were accused of stealing glasses. We hadn’t and only left them by the billiard table after finishing playing.

Ken Hatch… Friday lunchtime would be full of Derritron employees

Judy Atkinson… Used to live opposite, down the driveway next to the shop 1967-75

Ian Johnson… I’ve drank in there

Stuart Moir… Pubs is the same now as it was then just the level of trade has diminished


The Lord Nelson Old Town Hastings and baths wash houses in background

Heather Sidery… Love this!

Brigitte Lee… Any idea of the year?

Alan Esdaile… not sure Brigitte, perhaps someone else can help?

Keith Veness… Remember the bath and wash house

Jacqueline Marsh… My grandad had the Duke of Wellington opposite the wash house behind the old Hastings Wall. He was Bill Shirley

Lynda Whatley… Jacqueline, back in the day I believe it was known as The Silver Dollar locally when gran and grandad ran it .

Pauline Lindsay… Jacqueline, later it was called The Duke of Cornwall.

Cyndy Hogbin… Grandad and grandma, and my mom and dad, all landlords at the Nelson, from about 1947. Grandma was the secretary for the lady licencee association. Henry and Dora Coates and Fred and Peggy Coates. When my mom died they where at the pub, thats when dad met my other mom Barbara.l was 2 then so that was 1952, we had the Queens coronation there.

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Just imagine having wash and bath houses today! Might become a thing with the looming economic situation!

Dennis Torrance… I reckon before they demolished the houses in old town before they put in the road we have now before 1959

Alan Esdaile… Dennis, I was thinking early 50’s but maybe wrong?

Dennis Torrance… it could be early 50s have you looked to the left of photo a gap between the back of Lord nelson pub it looks to me before they knocked down the houses to put the road there

David Daish… I lived in the flats next to it in the 80s and my parents were great friends with Tony and Tracy Shipley . Dad used to fall asleep in the bar often after a drink and was a moody so n so if he got woken up . So Tony kept a long stick behind the bar specifically to prod dad from a safe distance 😄 . Some fantastic characters back then . I miss that time down there .

David Kent… Hard to tell whether or not they are Horatio’s clothes. Looking closely at the sleeves.

David Martin… I remember going in there with my mum the fella that ran it was Jack Clasper