Punishment at School – did you get the cane or the ruler?

Phil Gill… It was always the gym slipper at Hastings Grammar School. I was slippered once in five years and I’ve lived opposite the teacher who slippered me for over 30 years now. My house is bigger than his, so I guess I won.

Geoff Peckham… That’s sort of weird, Phil!

Nigel Sherwood… Remarkably I got away with it during my 5 years Phil

Ian Brown… I did but not from Jimmy Edwards

Geoff Peckham… I had the slipper (plimsoll), the cane, a knuckle on top of the head, a ruler on the knuckle and other wacky wacks. I was probably a guinea pig. I was certainly very naughty. Never did me any harm though……

Jan Warren… If you don’t eat ya meat, you can’t have any pudding!! Haha – didn’t do us any harm!!  Lines ,,,,,,,,,,, we had lines and I remember being severely punished for wearing “John Lennon” glasses in class!! Anyway, it never did us any harm, I think kids these days don’t have enough discipline, they need the basics, wrong from right and to respect others, its just logic really?!!


Jim Hobbs… Stand still will yee

Maggie Geary… Ruler when learning to type!!!

Andy Qunta… Yup! Cane & slipper. They said it would make a man out of me! Hmm…!

Martin Richter…  P.E. torture!

Peter J Brazier… The dreaded Slipper (Mr Fulton Hart’s “Toe Joe”)

Chris Meachen… I managed to get the cane, but only once..

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