Carnage – 1982 – 1985


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Formed in Bexhill, East Sussex. The following were involved…

Paul Rubbish – Vocals, Steve – Drums, Grant – Bass, Colin – Guitar, vocals, Rhubarb – Vocals, Jake – Lead Guitar ,Sidney Vayne – Rhythm Guitar, Leechie Smith – Bass, Mental – Drums, (Gam – Vocals on ‘Dismal’), Andy ‘Hu’ “Halitosis” Hutchins – Vocals, Chris Makin – Drums, ‘Rusky’ Russell – Drums

Kev Towner….Ah – now that’s more like it!!  I remember Colin, Andy, Sidney and Leechie – but I can’t remember if they all played in the band at the same time. The song “Dismal” is actually called “Dismal 1984” and was on the “Our Life In Their Hands E.P., with “Conservative” and another track – which won’t come to me at the moment. I seem to remember one of the singles had a wacky version of the Magic Roundabout theme tune on the other side.

Chris Russell…that’s Andy Hutchings, Colin Smith, Chris Russell and Andy (Sid) Vaine. Sid played guitar. He and Andy live in Brighton now, Andy is now a street artist. The last time I saw Colin he was working for a micro brewery but that was a few years ago.

Ken Copsey…..Am I correct in assuming that the Jake in this band is Jake Chapman of  Jake and Dinos Chapman fame? Dinos auditioned for the Teenbeats.

Yvonne Cleland….Is that Grant on the right?

Andy Hutchins… Yes, that’s right, a few line up changes: jake and paul were in, then i was in with vaney on guitar. Andy H.

Tony Ham… I liked them.

Stuart Huggett… Quite enjoy ‘All The Sad People’

Kev Towner…. I’ve still got a copy!!

Mark Richards…Yeah still got mine too kev!,lol


Dave Spasm…. what a great band Ive got all their records,,got them here in Australia when they came out ..local Canberra band 4000 Million did a cover of all the sad people..they got a 4 page spread in the early 80’s in MRR