The Stranglers plus The Dictators – Hastings Pier 29th October 1977



ticket supplied by Mike Mitchell


Yvonne Cleland… Yeah, I got to see the Stranglers

Pete Fairless.. This was their second gig on the pier that year. It was packed because they were famous by then! They played previously in March I think, to about 50 people.

Virginia Davis… I went to both gigs. Weren’t The Jam a replacement for Eddie and the Hot Rods? Would of been great if they had returned for a second time.

Jan Warren… Yeah, love The Stranglers, got loads of their albums!! 🙂 – saw them “live” at Hammersmith in the early 80s!! Brilliant!!

Jim Breeds… I was at that one.

Paul Gray… Yep! Was my 1st ever gig.  It was. Ears ringing for a week!

Nigel Goodman… Fantastic Gig – the first rock gig I ever went too both bands were amazing.

Andy Gunton… I saw them on that tour in Liverpool.

Jo Turner… Yup was there too

John Coleman… I was there!!!!!!

Nigel Goodman… Remember it well

Alan Pepper… I was there ! Don’t remember Dictators though . Great live act that’s for sure. It must have been the second appearance because remember it was heaving !!!

Nigel Goodman… Dictators were brilliant

Anne Deuce… I was there and remember the Dictators too! I was at the first Stranglers before they were ‘famous’ as well!

Ralph Town… I was there. Very good gig. But only a handful of people, watched them earlier in the year when they were there as support act.

Sandie Carlyon… Great night.

Mick Burt… I was there and remember both bands (to young to drink)