40 years of Ramones – in picture from The Guardian.


Thanks to Tony Ham for finding this


Pete Fisher… bought the first album and played it to death, much to the dismay of my hippy friends…saw them at the Roundhouse in Camden in June 1977, supported by Talking Heads…they played over 20 songs in about 35 minutes and then left the stage…they stopped briefly at one point and threatened to beat up anyone who continued to spit at /on them…they were real punks…

Splodgenessabounds – Hastings answer to punk? says Nick Prince.


Nick Prince…  Hastings answer to punk. Well there was a point in the 1990’s that all the band members lived in Hastings & St Leonards. This clip of “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please” reminds me of the group missing out of appearing on Top of The Pops in June 1980 due to a technicians strike.
The song entered the chart as the flip of a double A side in May 1980, the main track was meant to be the highly professional sounding “Simon Templar”. The main song was ignored by all radio stations bar Radio Luxembourg and then John Peel played ” Two Pints….” and then it got on the main Radio One play list as a novelty single. It peaked at number 7, the same week that Splodge was meant to play on T.O.T.P.
I am of the understanding that the show was recorded and we can only hope that it will be broadcasted in a few weeks time on Top of the Pops 1980.
I have added some Splodge members to SMART and I hope that they may know if it was definately recorded.
Slodge did appear on T.O.T.P in September, 1980, with their follow up single, Two Little Boys, which I believed peaked at 27. Claire King, later of Emmerdale was once in Splodgenessabounds and can be heard on the single versions of “Simon Templar”, “Two Pints” and “Two Little Boys”
At one point Splodge were so big that disgraced star Rolf Harris supported them.
They went on to gave a third single hit, “Cowpunk Medlum” which spent a sugary week in the chart at number 67.
No Splodge albums have made the chart. Is this the end of Splodge in the charts? Of course not. In this download age anything is possible….. Good luck with the new album guys…….